Monday, 26 October 2009

A hard choice of Bookmark?

Ive never much ever entertained bookmark swaps, proberbly the fear of the unknown, perhaps also a worrying mix of maybe having a bad partner who doesnt put as much umph. into their bookmark as I put into mine. or someone who doesnt like my style. This of course is paranoia.
I know this as I sit looking over this set of four. Proudly shown off by flickr gallery owner: jaceY (MY) all four recieved from one kind lady named Barbara. According to her notes she'll only be keeping one of these four fabulous creations too. Its gonna be a very hard choice for her. Personally I find them all appealing in their own way.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Ginger Bread Invasion

You know Christmas is just around the corner (well the moment the Halloween goodies are up in stores next to the christmas things they've had out since June). Well you mostly know it when you see your first set of ginger bread men, well I do anyways.
I really like these, better than a uniform set, these are all different and goodness me is that some burbery like felt? (that one by far is my favorit, it has stars for eyes, who cant like those). The tops are cut with Sizzix die, the bottoms I hand cut and the whole set are made by Flicker Gallery owner: gcl1964 who also has a delightfully seasonal snowman quilt there too. Its certainly worth a look if your curious about other hand made wonders like these guys. it really all just makes me want to get festive already, and I have been trying to resist the urge since the begining of the month. Not till mid november *pokes self in eye*

Monday, 28 September 2009

Strangest Fruit House

I was wondering what kind of strange fruit this was, thus had to have a closer look. And goodness! Thats no fruit its a house, a tiny one, a tiny pin cushion house!
Thus of course because of my confusion deemed it worthy of an honorable mention here. Its actually quite beutifal work. With little beads for a flower bed under the windows blanket stitched on with felt. I definatly couldnt have match this little thing, if Id have made one for myself. So well done Flicker user: coolmom45 and thank you for sharing this and the other few photos of the pin cushion house.
Im just curious what colour of felt the roof is made of, its very peculiar, but in a good way.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009 a tiny box

Just how much can you fit in one match box. this was my first thought on seeing this delightful stash of shines that you'd have to have the skills of houdeeni to piece into a box so tiny as the little blue one Flicker User: DeeLee209 has decorated so beautifally and shared with us.
I do like the small ATC's though that have been made, I confess that mini ATC's have gotten me very curious lately though I have yet to take the plunge into another crafting obsession. I do like the small buttons and extra bits of ephemera, theres alot to look at, lots to touch and play with. This match box is definatly a winner as far as covering all bases, it has literally a bit of everything. Its wonderful.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Out box of the Swapbotter

You know your a swap-botter when....
When your out box looks something like this happy heap of post. Yes these arent recieved items but these are a lovely photo of the post one of the swap-bot users has been sending out. Among these include a craft swap, a RAK and other goodies. I especially love the use of happy pictures on the envies.
Thank you for sharing Flickr user: mesha, Yes? I had a little look around her gallery and this girl does seem to do alot of RAK's which is something I very much respect and admire in a swapper, keep up the good work girly.

Friday, 28 August 2009

Felt Fancies

I remember answering a question a few days ago on the forum about just how big French Fancies were for someone. Then saw this photo. These french fancies were made by Swap-bot user: Lisajhoney who having visited England, now misses them quite a bit.
I have to say I like the pink one best, but then those are my favorit flavour, and especailly since you can get the really really really big ones in that flavour too. Blergh I say to the chocolate ones though blergh!
Moving away from the food critque, I think these are really neatly made French Fancies, and really worthy of showing off. Id never know how to get the icing to behave itself putting it over the top in a nice swirl pattern.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Fabulous Fantastic Cupcakes

The title for this swap 'Fab Cupcake swap' and it is indeed fabulous, just look at all the lovely little nick nacks here Swap-bot user: nadithings has put together. I mean this swap is just one of those packets you couldnt not want to recieve even if cupcakes werent your thing. I mean it has little bits of tap, a cake tin, cake bottomy bits and even cake flavoured stamps.
My goodness me. I love to see swaps like this where the sender really has put all the effort in, I do hope Nadithings gets her share back as this clearly was a swap worth showing off. I especially have to say I love the extra little stamps, but then I do like my tiny stamps at the moment. its all just as good.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Tiny Houses for Tiny Swappers

If the world was tiny and we all lived in match boxes I would love to have this one as my house, what an ossum idea for a swap package this is. With of course tiny tiny swap-bot packages on the soafa. And a tiny travis and swap-bot evelope in the photo frames.
It almost makes me want to start making mini match boxes again, though I doubt I could compete with swap-bot user: Cobaltgypsy who made this. She's made a little treasure thats for sure, I mean it even has tiny little curtains and a plant, truely this would be the tinyest of swap-botters tiny house if we did all like in match boxes. But where the letter box? oh noes!

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Woot about Recycling

I have been comenting alot on the creative wonders swappers have been putting together in that sort of make do and mend style of the 1940's (also known to the common swapper as Recycling). Its no surprize I tottered along another swap this morning and from the Crafty Recyclers group over on swap-bot. They were tasked with creating an owl but not buying anything new for the owl.
Thus these two little fellas were born, made of buttons and an pair of old shirts. Swap-bot user: midsummermuse has really done well, I love the second one and how the seam is cleverly hidden under an dark t-shirt wing. Fantastic stuffies well done.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Pretty Lucky Parcel

Again I have to write about Lucky Parcels, because Ive been checking the new swaps listed roll on Swap-bot and seen another lucky parcel swap I am a little too nervous to join. However without joining I can still marvel at the little bags of goodies people make and take photos of.
This one here being the perfect example of a lovely, yet very simple and vintage styled lucky parcel, and part of an identicle set of three. This is every reason why I am a little nervous of joining in with the parcel swaps. Its just lovely, I mean even if I recieved it, I wouldnt want to touch it. Though those are my hording instincts I swear coming into play. Thank you Flickr gallery owner: AmandaCowell for sharing your photos with us.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Pin topped wonders

'Crazy?' I wouldnt hardly call these pin toppers that, I would however call them Ossum! These were made as a custom Etsy order for a swapper on Swap-bot. And if your wondering what they are. They are Polymer clay pin toppers. What a lovely idea for a craft, considering I am terrible for sewing over my pins or even leaving them in garments and other things. With toppers like these owls, gnomes, mushrooms, hedgehogs and cakes you'll never do that. or loose them for that matter.

Thank you Flickr gallery: Sweet*Clementine for sharing these lovely photos of your toppers, now housed on a pin cushion jar home of their own.

Friday, 21 August 2009

Junk ATC's dont forget your scraps

Heres an interesting challenge. Create an ATC from 'junk', this is what Swap-bot user: creationsbygena has done with this example. As it was the requirement for the junk ATC swap she'd taken part in.
You had to use up the left over bits and pieces from other swaps and pile them together to make something new. Its like a fabulous recycling collage of lovelyness in a tiny ATC sized package. It most certainly gets a thumbs up from this swapper. It always makes me smile to see swaps go out like this, as I can tell you, with all of my mini zine, inchie and ATC crafting normally the left overs are shuffled off into the bin. I can say Id keep them, infact I used to. But then, I had drawers of bits, with no where to send them. Amen to the junk atc swap!

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Kaboodles of Things

Ive just started swapping 'kawaii' things again recently. Now Im a complete newbie to the concept I wont lie. But I love the theme. I also love seeing well put together packages like this one. It literally has a little bit of everything and its all clean, pristine and for the most part I assume brand new.
Swap-bot users: SugarVixen and Jemboawa should be especially proud of themselves for putting this together as a private swap through the site. I especially am envious of the tiny green devil duckie. Now sweet and evil all at the same time.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Fabric Bobbly chunky inchies

I have always liked my inchies and these days muse over new ways to collect and display them. Since my current plans are coin sleeves that collectors use. Im left wondering where else to keep my more 3D inchies... I feel always attracted to them. I guess thats why these caught my eye today.
For a first set of inchies they are bright vibrant and chunky, great stuff. A sign of things to come from Flicker gallery: tinymatchboxstudio perhaps.
But I would feel terrible if I was their partner swap-bot user: Caresalot taking them from the pretty paper backing. as I say though I am struggling with this whole how to display my inchies dilemma.

Wiggly Sister

Havent written up on things Ive seen in weeks. really letting team trinket down. But hold on. because Im writing again. because I have seen the light and it has blue wiggles for hair...well maybe not but this Dotee dolly does. and I think she is fabulous.
Made by Flickr user: Marymint1 I just couldnt ignore it as I logged into the swap-bot site this afternoon. Im in awe of the wiggly hair. thats such a cool idea for making a Dotee really stand out among a crowd, like ths one is. As if you can see in the background she has shy sisters. A tree branch though does make for a great display prop for Dotee's. If you want to see them dangle a bit more freely.

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

I Spy Swaps

I feel a bit of a cheater this morning as I write this. You see I was looking through the usual pictures on Swap-bot to add to the blog and saw this one. I was curious. I check it out and then I find out that this is from the Totem Animal and a Trinket swap, well of course I had to sign up for this swap. And that this infact was the package coming my way from my partner Miahalf. Woops.
I think its the first time Ive gotten a peek at a swap coming my way before it has even been posted before. Which is pretty cool. Those flowers do look very pretty, they are Thyme. A lovely herb to use in making charms and other flavoured things. I wonder if Mia has chosen an animal for me yet. *gets excited* I cannot wait for this swap to arrive with me now.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Dollop of Paint?

I saw this photo today of this matchbox and was amazed it looked to me at first like a delicate dollop of paint, but it wasnt anything like that at all, it was far cooler. It happens to be chunky wool wrapped around a match box and among that wool are beads and other goodies sewn into it. It looks on a closer inspection absolutely lovely. Better than a dollop of paint.
What a lovely selection of beady goodness though from inside too. I can see a few beads Id have stolen away for projects of my own. tee hee. Curses! I missed out on this bright red box. I really do need to get my act in gear and get back into making match boxes again, but the mini zines are also far too much fun. Thank you very much Flickr gallery owner: Mad Mummy for sharing these photos.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Inch big Apples

Its rare these days I find time to photograph my work, rarer still that I hop along and share it on the blog. Well after having been bitten recently by the flake fish, I have been prompted to start taking photos again and scanning things. Having lost one of the best chunky pages Ive ever made...Its sad.
But these are my contribution to the Keepers of Avalon group swap, Apples of Avalon. The idea behind the swap is that. Avalon is the old british word for Lava, which also means Apple, Hence Avalon is known as the island of apples. That being said I thought I would make Inchies for this project, I like Inchies and I like apples. I hope my two partners share the love however tee hee. The idea of what to send was vague, though it had to be something my partners would like, since both lovely ladys like my drawings, I had to draw something, and Faerie themed apples came into the mix somewhere. It was very fun to do, though next time perhaps I will produce ATC's. An Inch for me is just not enough!

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Po-Pa Pops in the Post!

Now whats this? I thought to myself as I logged in this morning for a bit of a browse through the swap-bot forums. Its not your usual crafted handmade object. Well no. No its not. But its proof that you dont nessisarily need to be good at hand made objects to swap via. the site. As there is a growing contingent of swap-botters who collect Blind-box toys and swap them with each other.
whats a blind box toy? Well they are toys kind of like those Kinder eggs you get over here in the UK. You buy them and can get a random toy from a st of many. To collect. Its all very exciting. And this one happens to be. No. 1 in a set. Thank you Swap-bot user: Gem for sharing these photos of this little chap. Im sure he really was a wish come true within your collection.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Swirly Butterflys and Ribbon

I dont post ATC's Ive found on swap-bot often enough here on the blog, here I attempt to change that, by posting this delightful find made by Flickr user: Ebony Jade. Its really nice to see a card that isnt confined to the edges of the drawing space, that Ebony has taken ribbon and gone over the lines, used really attractive backgrounds and lovely chunky butterfly embellishments to make a pretty swish looking card.
Its definatly one I would put in my own collect and horde! Because it is a really pretty card. This coming from the woman who cannot collage to save her life of course. Who only ever makes hand drawn ATC's, can you see the envy rays yet?

Friday, 12 June 2009

Kawaii Angels

Looking at the reward aside, the four felty charms pictured. would you believe these are all hand made, and angelled. Whats an angel you may ask? well thats where someone who isnt a persons partner sends them items, just out of kindness rather than have them go without, because their partner hasnt sent. What makes this extra special is that the swap was only for one felty Kawaii charm. And there are four. Infact look here. There are alot more. Total kudos goes to flickr gallery owner: jplanet66. Who sent these out.
Its a real pleasure to see someone brightening up folks day on swap-bot. Especially with so many flaking on swaps just lately. Lets hope that growing trend doesnt thwart the keen and lovely people who angel.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Why do birds suddenly Appear?

Following something of an attraction Ive had to birdy things today I spied this little tweety pie on the main page, Isnt he adorable. I mean all the extras aside that this little fellow was sent with, including the odd box that looks like cat biscuits for people (this cant be a bad thing! curse those furry devils for having food that looks curious enough to want to try....*innocent face*).
He was made for a 'Make a bird swap' that happened a little while ago, and he really does look delightful. really professionally crafted. I personally am a fan of the little stubby feet he has. He even has a friend.
Thank you again Swap-bot user: Flufftail for sharing another of your lovely hand sewn stuffies with the swap-bot community. One day I shall have one on my shelf. I swear...

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Doodle Tweet

I saw this as I tuned into swap-bot this afternoon and I just couldnt help but comment. It's a Yankee Doodle Birdie. So its a patriotic pidgeon, and a very pretty one too, I love the colouring, the little pompom collar for the bird and the tiny red button eye. Though I have yet to figure out what it is? Is it a pin badge, a magnet or just a decoration.
I dont mind what it is though. I just thought it looked quite pretty, there is another too. Look here. Though I prefer this one. tee hee. well done though to Flickr user: mscraftyt who put them up in her gallery to share with us.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

I can Paint a rainbow too

I havent made inchies in along time. Though you know its sights like this that make me want to make them again, Ive noticed that since I stopped more and more swap-botters have been getting into creating Inchies and not just inchies but the little folders to house them in too. Its attention to detail and a little bit of packaging and it really does show commitment to an otherwise very easy piece of mail art. What could possibly go wrong on 1 inch of card?
I do love this swap though. I think Indigo is the best one for me. Though most of all I am drawn to the packet these seven inchies came in, I love the little labels telling you which colour is wich and the rainbow on the underside of the cover. A greatly made object swap-bot user: dogfishsmum09 and thank you for sharing the picture of them too.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Pee-Po Matchbox Dotee

I always pick the things I envy the most. Here i guess is one of those cases where I admire the little chappy inside the matchbox with their happy mini-dotee face and cute green leaf like hair. But that I also admire the little matchbox the fellow travels in. Maybe its the leafy flowery fabric. Actually its almost certainly that. How very cool is it. Its the sort I would buy going, mmmm thats very cool. Then save for that special something, but never actually make it.
Im glad swap-botter: magicjessnrach has the will power to chop it up and make pretty little dotees from it thats for sure. I love the button used on the box too, that I would also save in my horde (yes I have a horde). It looks sewn on, but thats just a few dints in the plastic. Very smartly matched to the fabric too. An Excellent swap for partner swap-botter: ChristyC11.

Friday, 8 May 2009

Potatoe's that talk?

Not a typical post. But I had to comment on this passing photo, found while looking through. Swap-botter: gem's photos of happy things she had recieved from the Etsy Addicts group. Etsy of course being my new obsession too.

I had to comment on this though after reading this...
You say:
the potato says: " ... I YAM what I YAM ..."

It made me giggle. Though I also admired the little nick nacks Gem had recieved from Swap-botter: ellie1200 a partner ive had in the past, who spoils the people she sends to rotten. I lucky we're not potatoes really isnt it?

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Orange Its the new Pink

A bright welcome back to swapping was waiting for me when I checked into swap-bot today. How adorable is this warm orange themed swap, sent by Swap-botter: tinymatchboxstudio. Im not sure what I like the best, I love the little bits of ephemera, theres just something about all the twiddly bits of flotsam you can collect from envies like this via. swap-bot. Your not sure half the time why or where it came from but its there and oddly very appealing.

I also love that orange match-box in the corner with the flower on it. Its like woosh! Im an orange flower box. Have a closer look here. Its all very stylish too. An excellent package. Great work tiny on really making your partner happy.

Monday, 20 April 2009

I hope it wasnt Forever to make

One day I will sit down and watch this vampire thing everyone raves about known as twilight. But till I do I can at least envy over the twilight themed goodies people are out there creating. Like this necklace for example. Really well done for a first time at making jewelry of this sort, by its creator Swap-bot user: Spencerette. This reminds me greatly of the sorts of necklaces I have been sent in the past made from domino tiles or scrabble tiles, but its very clearly not the same. Its different and I guess thats why it attracted my attention. The line 'I have forever' seems very fitting for a vampire, though I do not know the Tv program I do love my vampire fiction. Good choice of words and well made. This is what I like to see.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Baggies of Buttons

Ive shown button swaps before, they are usually a half dozen buttons presented on a stylish piece of pretty card. heres a different take on the whole button swappy thing. Here are some lovely little pockets full of Ugly, Eloquent and Vintage buttons. Each labelled so not to be confusing and with a cool elephant patterned pouch to keep them safe inside.
This was sent out by Swap-bot user: Sunnyblueskies, who Im usually writing about to comment about the lovely stuffies and felt made things she makes. Like this one here I almost posted here too.

Monday, 6 April 2009

Speckled Frogs

Its hard to really appreciate just how small this box pictured actually is, this is an altered Matchbox. With a little frog sat on a happy little lilly pad and butterflys and flowers, all under 2 inches big.
That for me would be enough in a swap. Id be happy with a box decorated like this, Id sit it on my to keep safe shelf.
Of course inside... it gets better, because in the little froggy box with all its lovely painstaking details are all of these. Theres a happy green ladybird and even an whole felt tree.
What a lovely match box, Flickr user: Mad Mummy who made this must have devoted one heck of alot of time to making this look as nice as it does, But not that much as here is another example of a match box she has made in a very similar style. Only we dont get to see what surprizes were inside of that one. Boo!

Glitter and Sparkles

I dont think this blog talks about ATC's enough, maybe theres not enough people sharing their cards via. the main swap-bot site, but its true. So guess what. Today I want to talk ATC. Rwr!
And I want to talk glitter and sparkles. Because at heart everyone who swaps is a mag pie and the shiney object is the way to their heart. Now take a look at this sparkly card here, Made for a Glitter and Sparkles themed ATC swap by Flickr user: nicht-Fisch-nicht-Maus;'s. I love the photo of the rose here, such a well focused picture of the corner decoration upon this card, a really nice show of colour and style. The card also has some pretty gem stones upon it, but you'll have to take a closer look for yourself to see those. (mmmm shiney objects).

Saturday, 4 April 2009

The Morning Mail

It arrived today at 8am, usually Id be asleep at that time on a weekend, but I was awake, hehe. Sort of. The post man still got a bit of a flash of leg though as I answered the door for this package wrapped up in blankets. (the postman was moderately disturbed). You would think he would be used to it by now.
I had to wait though till this evening to open it. Had a very busy day. It was fantastic though when I finally got to opening the package. All shiney cute and new bits and pieces like those pictured. Infact the little red thing is what they call a Wee Devil. The sworn enemy of the Wee Ninjas. (all little felt stuffies) All sent from a private swap between myself and Swap-bot user: OoOlalavee, who has been fuelling my addiction for blind box toys (oh noes!).
OoOla also sent me three sweeties, the kind she likes. I fed two of them to my Mr. After he kindly showed me the mashed up sweeties on his tounge, he agreed they were actually quite nice. So I had the thrid (a purple one) they kinda tasted a bit like Mowam, which was cool. I dont normally like foreign candys, not enough E numbers tee hee. These were really good though.

Inchies Spell Things Out Y'know

One day I will get all the inchies made with single words on them placed carefull middle, bottom or top and I will write a small but interesting book out of them, infact wouldnt that be a very cool idea for a swap to make a 10 by 40 inch page of inchies with single words on them telling a story....oooow yes, I like that idea indeedy.
These were made for the 100 inchie project by Flicker user: All_Things_Nice and I have to say I arent a fan of the style of ATC, but i do like these, i think its the soft but there and looking at you background colourings. Especially on the fairy inchy. Love that image too, but then I also like the little bird twittering away in its nest.

Friday, 3 April 2009

RwRRRArgghhh! *spit* Monster!

My gosh I almost lost a finger I swear, well almost and I mean at this range considering this isnt my stuffie, thats one hell of a first monster. I do love the effects done though in making this chap.
I love the mouth, with the wiggly string for teeth, I am gonna add that to my notes for future Chunky Book Projects because that looks really shiney good. As Well as the patch work eye. Its almost dangling off, but its not its really quite there. Really ossum cool monster here created by Swap-bot user: TerryF who also makes some pretty darn cool stuffies all around, I have to say Im a fan of her circular pink owl, that almost made mention here on this blog, well up untill I saw a tooth monster Rwr! (Monsters always win over owls in my mind).

Thursday, 2 April 2009

I want to be a TREE

A tree themed swap that caught my eye, Well I tell a lie it didnt so much catch my eye as be one of the swaps I had on my watch list for an rainy day project that fell short of any rainy days for me to sign up and play with the idea.
However swap-bot user: RoseHips here appears to have had one, or several from the quality of the objects made for this swap. Im looking at them individually over on her flickr gallery now, here and here and here. Gosh! that is devotion to a subject matter. I really like everything put together here, I knew I should have signed up for the swap too *sulks* Your partners must have been extatic when they recived such lovely items.

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Cupcake Invasion Squad

I dont think I ever shall ask 20 cupcakes to organize themselves for a photo, as this heap of cupcakey goodness shows they need to be as disorganized as they can possibly get and still look marvellous.
I entirely have swap-bot to blame for the new levels of cupcake appreciate I have gained lately and these are by far some of the best Ive seen. I think its the cherry ontop.
I dont think Ive ever seen a knitted cup cake with a cherry ontop quite like these ones (and there are 20 of them! they out number me).
And I entirely blame Swap-bot user: Rengawk for feeding this appreciation of mine for cupcakey themed things. I swear it gets me one step closer to knitting every time I see a finished stuffie like these *shakes her fist*

A Rainbow of Zines

Its odd these pop up today, Ive just spent the past two days working my heart out at a Zine of my own, and gosh! My project is far from finished. These are defiantly something to aspire toward (and more than a finished product...something im bad with, always working and never finishing anything doh).
Seven mini zines. I love the photograph too, a rainbow flower of mini zines with a great title 'How to build yourself up when the world gets you down' I think all us swap botters need one of these right now, after recent drama.
Thank you again Swap-bot user: Flufftail for sharing you very apt. creation, though at least this time not a stuffie, just as great work. I defiantly look forward to having a go at creating mini zines like this if future swaps come along.

Monday, 30 March 2009

Spring Ladys Matchbox

What does your partner like? This is often something that can only be answered by a full and well punctuated profile. (that's my responsible thought for the day done and dusted). Course if you have a lovely profile that's easy to read it does lead partners to create pretty lovely things like this matchbox here
Flicker user: dummond_farm made hers based on the fact her partner liked Victorian themed things, and apparently if you put the drawer inside and stand it up it almost looks like a little lady in a spring gown, with the little pink rose ontop and the white lace. Thats really creative. I like the box so much more than the contents knowing that there is a little story like that to its making.

Saturday, 28 March 2009


Easter is coming. Its been coming for well over a month and happy chicks and bunnys are popping up even more than they were a couple of weeks ago. Its brilliant, because while the weather is showers and patchy clouds, the colours here on the site are bright and green, yellow and pink.

So I had to share this picture I found. Its a little fluffy chick, I have to say I love the fact he has an easter egg in hand and its tiny. I could just see myself recieving this swap only to have my young Mr. steal it away and use it for a soft pillow to sleep on like the house cat that he is.
He has really cool tweedly feet too. Regardless of those he would still use the chick for a snuffly cushion. Thank you Flickr user: Mandalarama for sharing a wonderful stuffie.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Inch big Ladybirds

Small and tiny, crawly but not creepy. and I mean the ladybirds not the inchies. But arent these just adorable.
I mean yes I say that about alot of things, but Im looking at these and wanting them in my inchie collection. (the fact that they werent meant for me, and that I havent swapped inchies in the last 2 months means Id have had no hope of aquiring them *sulks*).
I think the one in the bottom right particulalry has my sway, I love the background papers pattern, pretty cool looking. So I envy Swap-bot user: Ninou's partner 100%, but I reckon we should see more Inchies by the swapper, if these are just a drop in the ocean of pretty ossum things that she can make.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Firey Things on Rainy days

what a fantastic stuffie. Simple as.
For those who havent already recognised the character, this is Calcifer the fire spirit from the Ghibli Movie, Howls moving castle. I loved this movie. I love them all in their own way but I have to admit, its a wrestling match between Howls moving castle and Princess Monoke(I think I spelt that right). For the best.
I know for a fect though Ive paid for stuffies of characters from the Ghibli movies and they havent been as good as this stuffie. Hes really well made, take a closer look here. At no point does it look like the lady who made him, Flickr user: carottepower,got bored and podged the end (something I am infamously guilty of). Really well done and I look forward to seeing other ossum stuffies like him.

America Cupcakes...Wooooosh!

A little while ago Swap-bot user: dBowie created a Wishlist Chunky Book page swap, where you get to create two pages for your partner on one of their three given themes.
This swap is due out this week and I figured before it was time to post it out on its way, I would share a photo of what I have made for my partner. Her wishes included vintage (which isnt something I can do very well), cupcakes and the 4th of july. Being a brit I guess it is hard for me to understnad about quite how important the 4th of july is in the USA, however I can understand the importance of cupcakes. So what a better way to create a page for my partner than with America themed cupcakes!
Better yet. the bottom cupcake page with the really REALLY long tail has a pop up part to it too. Because everyone likes fire works and cupcakes too. I have to give special thanks to those in Swap-bot chat the night I made these pages, for listening to my very silly questions about how many stars and stripes there are (I didnt have a clue!).

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Simply black, white and pink

Look at all the bits of happy here that came out of this Whimsy jar. Wow! though I admit they look sort of like little sweets in the picture to the right, and perhaps a tiny bit edible. I would advise against it, because a closer look with present you with a mixture of black, white and pink beads, stampy bits, scrabble tiles and other lovelies. All sent to Swap-bot user: Ozrob as part of a personalized jar swap with Flickr user: Smoke_and_mirror's.
That must have been an amazing package to recieve. I can remember the last jar I got and it wasnt nearly as stuffed full as this one, it was stuffed to the brim and I have yet to be disapointed by a jar I have recieved. But I have to totally envy Ozrob here. What a fantastic jar to get, I bet that was a day brightener whether Smoke_and_Mirrors thinks so or not. Dont worry about being too creative with the jar on the outside, Sometimes the simplest things can really stand out because they are just that, Simple.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Buttons and Cloth

I cannot sew, but I appreciate those who can. I also find it oddly appealing to collect together bits of sewing kit and things along those lines, I'm always the first to put my hand into the button jar and have a play with the shiny buttons in there, sorting them by colour or making pictures with them.
Im sure Swap-bot user: Wenot must have the same thoughts, because after having a browse through their flickr gallery, they have some of the most delightful photos of hand sewn goodies, or well things they have recieved to make more with. From buttons and brads to beautifally coloured fabrics. My only problem is with swaps like that, Id be too delicate with the fabrics etc. to ever use them up, Id always be saving them for the extra special project or package. Then enevitably never use them.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

White Rabbits

Like it or not, it is infact almost easter already. A new array of lovely spring themed swaps have already begun to pop up around Swap-bot. And its left me wondering, just where the year has gone, its gone SO quickly that we are already at the end of March, when I swear yesterday we were still finishing up with new year and christmas. *gasp*
But at least the good weathers here. And better still the new array of swaps that people are sharing images of have brought things like this lovely needle felted bunny and his bunny toys out for us to have a look at.
Made by Swap-bot user: Sunnyblueskies. He must have taken some pacients to craft because yep, that is a match box in the background and I do assume him and his goodies all fit inside, as he was made for an Easter themed mini matchbox swap.

Sometimes Swaps get ontop of you

Sometimes, I mean that quite literally here, after having spotted this lovely photo of an energetic blue owl stuffie made by Flickr user: shakeslikejelly. On what I can assume is her less than amused and slightly tormented looking pet dog named Bob. Gosh look at those eye brows, I can just see those being used against his good lady as a weapon of aquiring more treats.

The owl however is a lovely stuffie. It sort of reminds me of the owl from sinbad, at least I think its from that old movie, it was a little iron owl. I think its the eyes. I love them, they are all big and owly. (and yes thats a technical term). I cannot see why Bob would look so unimpressed by it, because I am, thats for sure.

Saturday, 21 March 2009

An Attic of Pink Skulls

When I looked at this swap I thought this was another of those little boxes that contain half sized ATC's you know the match boxes that had begun to spring up in swaps this year (I at least never noticed them before this year anyways...hmmm). But its not. Its a lovingly put together whimsy chest and part of a much larger skulls and pink Attic swap sent by Swap-bot user: Salfra. And its really well put together, it is the sort of package I love to see go out to another, well thought out...maybe a little too pink for my liking but thats beside the point.
Here is a look at the whole thing Swap-bot user: craftaddict02 had to share with us. I love one of the comments on the stickers 'My hubby says he'll leave me if I keep crafting.....I'll sure miss him' Gosh my young Mr. can share that pain. Sometimes I wonder if the house is under seige from my crafting ways tee hee and Im glad to know its not just mine.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Pins and Cushions and Pins

Pin-cushions come in all shapes and sizes and colours on swap-bot it seems from the bizzare eye shaped bottle cap pin cushions we've all had a go at making, then given up on and ended up with the much more simple cupcake bottle cap pin-cushion (or at least I have).
I noticed this swap, and it is no exception to the rule. Pin-cushions are everywhere on swap-bot today (I have a small selection made by my good friends in the Glitter Gal's group.

This very tidy cushion shows off a neat square design with a button middle. Have a closer look. I mean what I say when i say this is tidy. Compared to my attempts at making my own. this is exceptional and the colours all match. Even the pair of pins in the photo match. All put together by Swap-bot user: Dreadnoughtdesigns fantastic piece of work. Well done.

Last of the Snows

Possibly the last wintery swap we will see for a little while, but its good to know the sun is on its way. This little snow flake reminds me of all the good things that have been exchanged over the past winter season. Things added to my collection I shall be treasuring till Im an old crinkly woman.
I do hope whoever does recieve this bottle cap magnet does the same, its a very simple creation but its very pretty, Id definatly put it on my fridge with the growing collection of swap-bot magnets I have there.
What I am pondering however is how Swap-bot user: peacewytch happened got that picture in the middle of the snowflake so flawlessly, because when I try anything so fiddly I often end up with a gluey mess. Well done.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Triple Heart-worthy Package

What a colourful tub. I wonder what could be inside.
Well I dont really have to wonder much because Swap-bot user: Gem had to share it with us. Its a sneaky peek at her rainbow themed swap package. Gosh I would love to have a nosey inside that tub at whats being sent, because this swap cost a mighty $42 to post out. I wish I was lieing but here is the evil proof!
I thought they had stealthed shipping costs up a little bit on my end when one package cost me £3 to send when I was certain before christmas a similar lot of things cost about 50p less. Goodness me Gem I do not envy you on that bill of yours though, All kudo's though for still going ahead and posting out. Id have given the post office a snotty look and found another way to post personally. Thats definate commitment to having a happy partner. I really wish you triple hearts for the package.