Saturday, 21 February 2009

Blue Birds and Pin Cushions

Once along while ago I made a cupcake pin cushion. It was the first thing I had sewn in along time. That was posted to a good friend of mine on swap-bot. One of my early swaps on the site. Since then I have seen many magnificent pin cusions. This one this evening caught my eye. its a small blue tweety bird. Made by a lady called Mlbstudio's (I couldn't find her Swap-bot user name sadly). I really like the design its unique. But more than that. I love the little details. The hand made pins that match with it. Those little birds are adorable (something I am going to have to try for myself thats for sure). I like the ATC with it too.
Theres nothing better than recieving a stuffie and a drawing of it. Its like you get to see the minds eye of the person who made it. A sort of snap shot of how it should be.

It Brightens Up...

Swap-bot user: ColorInFusion. One afternoon about a week ago. Saw a tag post from me. I was asking for the usual few things, papery bits, soap and things. But I added an extra one, Something to brighten up my day. Recently ive been so totally fed up, feeling a bit fat and generally down in the dumps. I entirely blame the change in weather and the thought I was going to have a lame birthday. (this however has been rescued by a good friend of mine, he came to vist and is sat next to me while I write this, bless him).
ColorInFusion. Also helped this morning. I cannot not give credit, because Ive been a grumpy fool lately. You sent me the most brilliant tag packet ever. It hit the floor at the bottom of the hall with a veritable thump. and was just THE most amazing package, far more than any tag could possibly be. Glitter Gal's are always making me smile. I love you guys to bits. Really rescued my saturday and prooved to me I do have a great reason to be cheerful. I feel all infused now (kinda like a posh tea bag). Im gonna go make something, mostly a mess but I feel like I want to create something.
Here's why. look beady things, Little bits of ossum and some fish.

The question now is...where do I begin?

Owlyness (a lucky parcel)

Loads of pictures lately have been of lovely things called Lucky Parcels. I admit I am slowly being converted into wanting to swap these mail art objects. Yes. I think I do count them as mail art. Because some of the piece of mind they take, its alot of care about what a partner would really like. You know. I quite like that.
So here's an example of a lucky parcel. It has owl theme (incase you hadn't guessed already, tee hee). But thats not the entire thing, I just liked the buttons they're owly good, the little yellow ones have owly legs.
Here's the whole thing, in a photo from Swap-bot user: CanineGirl I just love the attention to detail with most lucky parcels. I have yet to see one that is just hashed together from odds and ends. They've even been wrapped away inside an owl here. I love the eyes. And yep that is a home made stamp stamped everywhere inside this parcel. Brilliant stuff. (Im really wanting to start making my own. It looks really quite cool to do, mmmm stamps).
There are more pictures here (how sweet is that little guy) and here.

Friday, 20 February 2009

The Frog Princess

When I saw this little lady I had to say to myself. She looks a little like a frog.... ok ok. Not the nicest thing to say I admit. but then she was made for the ugly Dotee swap. Honestly. Dont believe she is that ugly appologies, i think its the eyes. Shes a good mix of quite difficult fabric to make pretty and beutifal face. And I do quite like her flower.
Im thinking frog princess now personally.
I also think I have an eye for green Dotee's here on the blog. I swear most of them have had a lime hue. *looks innocent* Flickr user: alicetoo_99 should still be proud of making her though. Ugly Dotee dolly is a hard subject, a proper challenge because you still have to make a dolly your partner would want to have in their collection not just an ugly doll, well at least that would be what I would aim for.

Chocolate Felty Flowers

I saw this last night, but it had gotten very late for me to post and thus I fell asleep. Of course it was waiting for me when I woke up. Huray! because this is a lovely little felt flower, the kind you often see made into broaches at expensive craft stores, because it is if I am right needle felted (and thats very hard!). It was given with a heap of pink felt to Swap-bot user: rainbowcrafter. As a whole starter kit so she could have a go for herself at the very hard craft of needle felting. Good luck Rainbow! your going to need it. That is one very hard to master craft. But once your there you can make everything from needle felted purses to mini cats and dogs and stuffed toys.
Look here for the photo of the whole craft set Rainbowcrafter was sent. I do very much like the flower, but the pink felt, it looks almost edible.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

A Glitter Gal's Swap

Today my mail box was full, the post man carrying my post, hes a strapping young man, but I can still see the hate he has for me now he has to carry so many packages to my door, many different shapes and sizes. Some days I wish I had a shoe box sized post box so he wouldnt have to fill in those EVIL red 'you were not in' forms because I was in the bath or something when he delivered things to me.
Regardless. I was not in the bath today. So after waiting several more days for this packet to arrive. I was like WOOO HOOO! My glitter gal's package has arrived. Better yet every single object inside individually wrapped up (inside an envelope that exploded when I cut it open and brown soft stuff came out, woops, nobody told me that was going to happen). The wrapping paper lasted Id guess....about 3 to 5 minuets. Im a child at heart. I cannot help myself and it being so close to my birthday (Feb 26th) Im getting present practice in now. Inside was all manner of lovlies. Really well thought out bits and bobs from my profile. Glittery letters, glitter, the largest bag of lavender for my charm making EVER, Kitty themed things oh....and the best of them all Glitter Coloured Pencils.
Im such a sucker for new stationary *foams*
My partner Swap-bot User: Smudge. That girl deserves a star for this package really.
Please take a look here and here at it all.

The Arrow of Spring Arrives

Ignoring for a moment the untidyness of my desk and a half full glass of Iron Brew (mmmm...Its trinket fuel I tells you). You will see in my hand an ancient and magical object. The Arrow of Spring. This was from a swap set up by Swap-bot user: Naurwen, where our characters in group were to go out and try and find the mystical arrow, then post it off to our partners.

In the end it was only myself and her swapping, which was the first time a group swap Ive been in has had so few sign up's. We didn't let this get us down though rather it was like a private swap with a good friend and in the end we both made a wonderful art object each. Though granted Im looking at the Arrow of Spring that was made for me and accompanying scroll of ancient wisdom. WOW! I was so very happy with this swap in the end. I think the best thing about this arrow is the feathers on the end. its not just one feather like a regular arrow, but a whole tufft of them, take a look here. I also like the fact theres a tiny tiny little green growing thing (I forget what they are called, one of those flat mossy wotsits that grows on walls and twigs and things). About half way along it. Very pretty.
I am happily going to add this to my growing collection of fantasy art objects people have made for me with a sort of Roleplay esq. theme to them. Take a look here and here at the box it came in (it was massive! and had little orange flowers inside too).

Angel Cake

If a survey asked me what was the best kind of gift you could recieve as a surprize, beyond something corny like world peace. Cake. would be my answer. So whoever it is who is being gifted this cake from Swap-bot user: Josietai who has the most adorable swap-bot profile ive seen in awhile. (so many cute and bouncing wiggly things).
Whoever gets it. they are so being spoiled rotten this cake is really well made from the looks of this photo, the fabric is really cool and shiney and those little bobbly bits are most definatly the bit that really made me go wow.
Seems Josietai has been giving out a few other bits and pieces too like this lot here. Which is really very kind. She also Angel's swaps on the site. I cannot state how I adore those people who do angel swaps that people have been unlucky with their flaker partner or have had a rough time of things with the post. takes a big heart to do.

*hugs the angels - you know who you are*

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The Evil Cat in her Evil EVIL Lair...

Swap-bot user: fittzwm. Your not supposed to mail out your cat. I know its tempting sometimes after they bring in that small bird alive and then let it loose in the house only to get stuck behind the oven and cheap for about an hour while you remember how to remove the Oven from its spot (Okies so this may be my experience). And ok. So they do barf cat food and it does smell a bit odd.
But I mean...its your cat!
Post her to me. *Cough* I mean dont post here, that would be cruel. And slightly cruel on my Mr. who is quite allergic to them (its the sad truth, I miss having a cat to throw up weird smelling sick and bring live birds into the house and occasionally dribble on everything while being stroked).

ps. Appologies for the feline deprived Trinket post this afternoon. I shall return to discussing the matters of cool post objects. I promise.

My gosh happy poo!

What a lovely smiley happy little friend this chap is. Yeah sure hes a smelly turd but dont hold that against him. Hes still a soft and lovely stuffie. Made by Swap-botter: Spencerette and very worthy of showing off proudly. Hes her first stuffie and honestly for a first try thats one ossum looking stuffed poo.
I love the little label too which is wrapped around the top. Thats a nice friendly touch the kind that earns a lady a heart, not that this guy alone in my books wouldn't get one. What more can I say? I mean made without a pattern but by using an image from another site, this is just a really good try, I like the stitching in the middle to give him a sort of swirly middle, definatly better than leaving the middle of the poo plain. and are those freckles on his cheeks or nutty bits, who cares they add to making him sweet.

Dreaming Faerie Shrines

A sweet dream for a fairy, quite right. Anyone would find this mini shrine an dream to have in their collection, its not over crowded it has just the right mix of 2-D pictures and 3-D bits and pieces and the quote just seems to finish the whole thing off perfectly.
I like the mushroom too. But thats me. I like mushrooms and that looks like the kind you find in old school kiddies books, and expect to find alice in wonderland smoking catterpillars sat ontop of. Please go and take a look at bell_jb's flickr gallery for a closer look at some of her other Faeries and gnomes themed stuff, there are some fantastic Gnome ATC's in her gallery. And a close up of this shrine here. Even Close up Im still loving that mushroom.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

I remember you...

Ho ho! I was very surprized late this evening to be logging into swap bot and seeing this little fellow again. This is a little Ryo-Ohki or Kabbit toy I sent to my partner Swap-bot user: kesh as part of an None US international Profile Surprize swap. I was very worried about this swap, mostly because I had to go on a partners profile and if they had a like I couldnt find, what would I get them?
Course I forgot this is swap bot and everyone likes one of the three swap groups Kawaii - Cake - Craft most things that can be swapped I swear fit into one of those subjects, so it was easy to find something for Kesh. Its cool too because I have a brown one of these, they are also little purses too for hiding things away in. But its the fluff in the ears that told me 'this stuffie is a winner'

House of Shoes

Glitter and shoes. Im not a girly girl in anyway, but gosh I know my younger sister would be foaming at the bit had this match box house of shoes arrived for her. Its a match box shrine thats mmm hmmm *opens* wha! shoes! and shiney things! Ossum!

And I can appreciate the thought a former swap-bot user: Niss put into this for her partner Jancinta H knowing she had a similar obsession for footwear. Maybe I am being a girly girl here then after all, but there is something quite appealing about the tiny barbie shoes you can get hold of. I mean something entirely swallowable and Im sure I tried as a youngling to eat them at some point, because they do look quite tastey even in this photo.

Twirly Tangles

When I see a good ATC card, I can sit there with the roughly 3 inch baseball card like thing in my hand, I see it and I can feel its surface. For me its as much about how they feel to the picture on them. Though a nice picture helps. I guess its no wonder today the things that really appeal to me from the Swap-bot photo stream are things like this ATC Zentangle. (Im not feeling very well today, so its tactile things and pretty colours for me all day long wrapped in blankets).

Ive never truely understood the appeal of Zentangles. especially to the extreme some sites explain them as 'Zentangle is an elegant metaphor for deliberate artistry in life' which to me adds up to. Pretty Doodle. I dont think theres anything wrong with pretty doodles, infact I encourge them, because its something everyone can do. But still...hmmm.
This though is a lovely example of a Zentangle by Swap-bot user: Magicjessnrach, when often these pretty doodles as I call them are black and white, Magicjessnrach has gone and coloured this one in. Which makes it really stand out in the crowd. Its lovely and part of a two part set, here's the other card she made (that one was just an extra for her partner, wow!).

Monday, 16 February 2009

Hung out to dry?

Over the past few days theres been a whole string of people posting their Dotee collections, Ive seen a few pin boards of these lovely hand sewn dolls. But this one really caught my eye. These were all made by the same person Swap-bot user: atotalnobody they arent one's she herself has recieved from others but dolls made by one person. Dotee's she just couldn't part with. which is very sweet. I admit that even I have some ATC's in my collection that I drew up with the good intention of handing out to other's in swaps and then thought, awww. thats pretty cool. I think I'll keep it or make a copy for the person it was made for. Its really cool to see the variety of style's of Doll one person can make actually, since I tend to do one style of drawing with my cards, atotalnobody really does have a knack for making variety pretty.
Though if this is a sign of how many she has kept for herself. Id love to see a snap shot of the collection of dolls she has recieved. Have a look at more of her dotee's close up here, here and here.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

He's a Monster Don'cha know

Monsters. You can never make two the same no matter how much you try. this little pocket monster is very cool. He has a big mouth and everything and two none matching googly eyes. (what ever is that orange one made of? that surely cannot be a button?).
He was made by Swap-bot user: hairycarrot. who appears to be quite a talented young lady. Who makes little stuffies like this guy all the time. I wonder though, was this guy a sock once in his life time. If he was goodness me. Sock monsters. What ever will they think of next. Ive seen sock everythings from sock cats to sock octopus and no I arent kidding I do mean sock octopus.