Friday, 20 February 2009

The Frog Princess

When I saw this little lady I had to say to myself. She looks a little like a frog.... ok ok. Not the nicest thing to say I admit. but then she was made for the ugly Dotee swap. Honestly. Dont believe she is that ugly appologies, i think its the eyes. Shes a good mix of quite difficult fabric to make pretty and beutifal face. And I do quite like her flower.
Im thinking frog princess now personally.
I also think I have an eye for green Dotee's here on the blog. I swear most of them have had a lime hue. *looks innocent* Flickr user: alicetoo_99 should still be proud of making her though. Ugly Dotee dolly is a hard subject, a proper challenge because you still have to make a dolly your partner would want to have in their collection not just an ugly doll, well at least that would be what I would aim for.

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