Saturday, 14 February 2009


This was not what I was expecting in the post this morning. I mean I heard the thump of post which meant yay! things for me, from swap-bot. Im sorry Im such a child and even though its Valentines day and my Mr. just wanted to lay in and steal my blankets, I was down stairs like a shot. (Im sure theres something in that psychologists would blame on my mother).
There was this single white bubble wrapped envie there. OMG! it was one heavy packet. I was bouncing up the steps to my room.

Moving on from the half hour description where I explain how I opened it and almost pee'd myself with excitement. This was a packet from the wishlist group. From a lady on swap-bot named bluelily. And I kid you not. Everything pictured on the right was inside the packet. What a fantastic first packet from the wishlist group. If this is what folks are sending to each other as part of this group, then this is a place I am very happy to be. Because this was a well thought out packet of lovelyness. My first one too ever from a wishlist. it sets the bar high for my wish granting to come. I am stunned at all of what I have gotten. I feel spoiled. totally. There were ATC's, a new calender (my Mr. is using now for marking in holidays etc), embellishments, a ossum faerie card, some buttons and beads and an amazing letter set.
There was also a memo pad and some stickers with this strange little black cat on them. Ive never seen him before on any of the Sanrio things, he's adorable. I think hes now my favorit character there, even more so than Choco cat. If only I knew his name... (here's a picture of him).

This package totally blew me away (is amazing look here). Ive really got to pay this back into the group and grant some wishes. *skips away to rummage through her -to swap- pile*

The ATC Mail Huray!

Ok I tell fibs. These arent what I got in the post today. they came during the week but I figured I would collect them together and show the set off at the end of the week, since I get quite a few of them.
These three though, from the left. Funky Monster ATC swap. Made by Swap-bot user: Katken, it was done with a handmade stamp too. (Im really really gonna have a go at making my own stamps one day soon, that sounds like quite alot of fun). The card int he top left with the Ossum faerie greetings card and a kitty. That was for the Hand Drawn ATC groups, Circus Kitty themed swap. And was made by my partner Swap-bot user: LivetheChaos. I really am a collector of hand drawn ATC's, theres just something so great about seeing other artists apply their skill from beginner to master. The last one. Was a simple Trade out your ATC swap. I got a delightful pair of cards from Swap-bot user: Ethanina and some cool extra's too. Yep thats another loose tarrot card for my collection. sweet.
Check out some close up pictures here, here and here.

Friday, 13 February 2009


My goodness me. If thats what the itty bitty Dotee's look like. I am seriously going to have to start learning to sew this one here is absolutely adorable. With her little sweet eyes. Dawwwwww.

I have actually just turned to mush looking at this almost button sized itty bitty Dotee. Its the second one Ive talked about on the blog. the other was a beady green one way back, kind of like a tiny pea pod. this litty lady doesnt make me think of pea's though. Shes just absolutely adorable. Please go check out the other really pretty bitty things on theweatherinthestreets Flickr gallery. She really does deserve some kind words for sharing pretty pictures with us lot. I would have loved to be her partner for this little one. *ponders having a go at sewing*

Coaster Ladys

I saw these this afternoon and was strangely endeared toward them. They are kinda russian dollys but they have a different hat on. Like Russian dolly had a bit of a make over *imagines one of those day time TV show things where they change perfectly normal looking womens hair into strangeness*

I like them regardless. They are a pair of coasters sent to Swap-bot user: emsan by Swap-bot user: GeorgeBee I doubt I would use them for what they are intended. Id have visions of some epic coaster themed art project. Possibly glueing them to my door or something like that. They are definatly something to look at, and not to be hidden under a cup of tea.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Cupids and Matchboxes

There are so many love swaps about just lately. I love them all, No pun intended there. I just love the array of hearts, lace and red hovering about the swap-bot site in the past month. Kinda like a mist, but a nice one with cupids. This would be my first Valentines using the site, so I didn't know to expect things to be so thoughtful.
Valentines for me has always been just another excuse to spoil my Mr. with chocolates. But never other folks.

I guess Ive had that rule changed after viewing things like this little love match box made by Swap-bot user: hollyfly1 It kind of sums up the sort of things I have been seeing lots of lately in the swap bot photos, hearts, lace, red and good wishes. Her partner luv2scrapnat got a really good little box here with this one. Here's what she got from the envie with it.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Gingerbread Army Invades

Gosh I wish these could be posted, each and everyone of these freshly made ginger bread men look ace. Its like a little ginger bread army lining up for war on the cupcakes.
Dont eat them all though Swap-bot user: Mello or your teeth will fall out. Well thats what my mum said to me anyways when we did baking together.
I fear this may have been a cunning parental ploy to stop me from gobbling up the lot of them before they had cooled. Bah.
I love the little stars around the edges. I wonder if those were just the left over bits of ginger bread man essence. The Ginger bread men are still the best though and made with a cookie cutter given to Mello as part of a swap too, if I understand it right. Cool.

Om nom nom nom...

Skippy is eating your stuffie oh noes! (Skippy being a generalzation there on my part, that at least 80% of kangaroo's photographed will have been called skippy at some point, Australian swappers, you can slap me). But oh noes! Careful he doesnt gobble the ginger bread man up. That looks like a really well made stuffie.

Have a look at his little adventure on Creative 'niss's Flickr gallery where it seems this little ginger bread man goes for a walk around an Australian Wildlife sanctury. And spends his daytime chilling around some warm Kangaroo's and even a Koala. Look here. Who's Cuter?
It does make me want to go to the zoo now, but even I couldn't get as close as this little gingerbread man. Fantastic photos though.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Tree's of Life

Textured ATC's I have two of in my collection. So its no wonder this card really stands out to me, I always seem to admire the hand sewn ATC's the most, dont get me wrong I like ATC's alot but they just have a sort of feel to them, literally.
I really hope this was made for the tree of life swap. Because I have total envy for the person who recieves this card. I already have mine from my partner. would have loved this one though. I think its the colour co-ordinated buttons that really appeal. Not too many, not too few.
The wiggly green stuff is special also. I would love to try using some of that sort of string in my crafts too. Only I fear I would cheat and use a glue gun with what I made, unlike Swap-bot user: DestinyDesign who made this card. Its also nice to see that from the things Ive found tonight that destiny has made two of them, Im quite attracted to this ATC too, Cupcakes again my Swap-bot influenced addiction. It also uses buttons.

Big Yellow Blanky's

I cant think of a better smile, than the one Swap-bot user: Cobaltgypsy has while wearing this massive yellow healing blanket. I remember having a similar smile after having watched my mum make first my sister a blanket and then me one over a period of about a year when we were kids. I still have the blanket now, only its got a few holes in it. She started the project to teach us how to corchet (I never got the hang of it). But I did get to sit with my mum for long evenings watching telly and talking about paff* And that for me was quite warm.
Its no wonder this was gypsy's healing blanket. It must have used so much wool. I mean I remember checking the forums a little while back and seeing thank you posts about yellow wool but still wow goodness me. That must have been a proper team effort. Please go visit the forum post and give the girl some grats. That truely is a good kharma blanket. And a nice thing to see around the site considering the harsh vibes there have been lately.

*Paff: the best way to describe paff would be in reference to talking about paff. Utter meaningless rubbish, that at the time seemed quite interesting. Trinket talks about paff most of the time.

It came in Red, from Rhode Island!

When I saw the red sniney bubble envie on the floor by the front door this morning. I was like. Awww valentines has arrived, it has to be junk mail. BUT I WAS WRONG! This was an pretty swanky ossum envie of goodies. I mean the picture to the left doesnt do it justice, though the tiny tiny envelopes are absolutely adorable. And I now need to find something to do with them, ooow and the weird little tag thingys.
But there were so many interesting twiddly bits and paper bits for me to use in my chunky book pages and other more adventurous things, I was sat there squeeing for a good 5 minuets. (Im very glad I was in the house on my own at this time, and no. I wasnt weeing I was squeeing! its kinda different, more manic giggling, less wee).
I have to send extreme thanks to Swap-bot user: Tooliesteaparty for this one, Its so exciting, I feel totally spoiled. Easily pleased by paper thingys, but still spoiled. Things like this always make me smile. I mean take a look here and here. Woo! As you can see, this is a lovely tag. With so much more than I could have asked for, if I could give you guys hearts this morning I really would.

I am not Stinky

Nope. Im really not. But I did ask for this. Yep. this was another tag I snaffled from Swap-bot user: Marilavado its a gorgeous smelling soap from her stash, the last big bar too and from one of her favorit (and Im sure soon to be mine). Soap makers.
I just wanted a change from all that Lush stuff I can get over here, they are like the only hand made soap place in the whole town and honestly they seem a little too commercial for me. I like to support people who make their own if I am to spend money on these luxurys. But I am picky and well....picky. Gosh this soap smells nice.
Take a closer look at it here. Im sure if you press your nose to the screen you can smell it (I may be fibbing) but if you can imagine a sort of insence smell, but not too over powering. Mari you've picked me a winner.

Fuzzy Tags

It must have been the snow keeping the postman away this past week. Because today goodness me I got post bombed with lovely packages from my friends over in the Glitter Gal's group on Swap-bot.
Valentines arrived for me with a very thoughtful tag by Fittzwm, when I nabbed up her something soft and got the most wonderful array of handmade felty hearts. Ive never had something felted like these before, they are a bit spanky cool. the purple one in the photo, thats the best one, at least the one I liked the most. Of course they werent the only thing posted. I have a little oak leaf pin cushion too and some orange stickers.

Take a look here for the really pretty oak leaf and here for the whole lot. I had to go and photo everything. This was a really nice tag for me. I just need to figure a place to keep the hearts safe.

Monday, 9 February 2009

Putting the Dot in Dotee

Now your old enough, we're marrying you off to some exoitic new swap-botter Miss. Doteee Bride *waves* I can just imagine this being said at least to this pretty little thing.
I truely admire those who can sew. Because basically I cannot and for my Dotee's I totally cheat and use a glue gun. It must be a pacients thing, This one must have taken some pacients on Swap-bot user: jannikinz part because she has a really long veil and its made of really pretty netting, and Id have just go *RAGE* its in my way while Im sewing her up (sewing really badly I may add). Which would likely have made me stomp off and go make a cuppa.
So yep all kudos to Jannikinz who can do this, who made this, she's very lovely. I love the veil, very pretty and I like the face too, the little dot for a nose, its like putting the Dot in Dotee. I wonder who the lucky swap-botter who gets this one will be.

Sunday, 8 February 2009


Texture and Colour. And i dont mean wet and cold snow. I mean bright, sunny and feely like this lovely postcard by swap-bot user: FarStarr. It makes me feel all warm and think of bright days in spring to come. Yep. Im wrapped up here in my fluffy blanket because outside its bloody freezing and horrible. (well not horrible, but it is a bit cold and snowy for me).
Farstarr has made some really cool swirly pictures like this one, take a look at another of their pictures here. I still like this one best though. I think its the use of the orange stringy stuff from a cocanut. Its great and a really inventive use of the usually discarded stuff.

Breakfast and 1/2 a yard of Cool Fabric

The description read 'Breakfast swap swaddled in 1/2 yard of cool fabric' and all I have to say is. Wow. thats a very well thought out package. Its not just cool fabric at all. Here it is wrapped up. Gosh Swap-bot user: Fittzwm you really are spoiling your partner here with this one, theres like Jam in it and vanilla beans that actually Ham?

Theres certainly honey there for the little packet of crepes. Ive never had a crepe before. Apparently according to wikipedia, they are a thin cooked pancake made of wheat flour. In brittany France apparently they are served with cider. Id prefer the honey and jam personally. mmmm Jam and Fittzwm did include the best flavour too Strawberry jam. She definatly gets ossum points for that. But well the whole package too. This has had some real thought put into it. Thats great.