Sunday, 8 February 2009

Breakfast and 1/2 a yard of Cool Fabric

The description read 'Breakfast swap swaddled in 1/2 yard of cool fabric' and all I have to say is. Wow. thats a very well thought out package. Its not just cool fabric at all. Here it is wrapped up. Gosh Swap-bot user: Fittzwm you really are spoiling your partner here with this one, theres like Jam in it and vanilla beans that actually Ham?

Theres certainly honey there for the little packet of crepes. Ive never had a crepe before. Apparently according to wikipedia, they are a thin cooked pancake made of wheat flour. In brittany France apparently they are served with cider. Id prefer the honey and jam personally. mmmm Jam and Fittzwm did include the best flavour too Strawberry jam. She definatly gets ossum points for that. But well the whole package too. This has had some real thought put into it. Thats great.

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