Monday, 26 October 2009

A hard choice of Bookmark?

Ive never much ever entertained bookmark swaps, proberbly the fear of the unknown, perhaps also a worrying mix of maybe having a bad partner who doesnt put as much umph. into their bookmark as I put into mine. or someone who doesnt like my style. This of course is paranoia.
I know this as I sit looking over this set of four. Proudly shown off by flickr gallery owner: jaceY (MY) all four recieved from one kind lady named Barbara. According to her notes she'll only be keeping one of these four fabulous creations too. Its gonna be a very hard choice for her. Personally I find them all appealing in their own way.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Ginger Bread Invasion

You know Christmas is just around the corner (well the moment the Halloween goodies are up in stores next to the christmas things they've had out since June). Well you mostly know it when you see your first set of ginger bread men, well I do anyways.
I really like these, better than a uniform set, these are all different and goodness me is that some burbery like felt? (that one by far is my favorit, it has stars for eyes, who cant like those). The tops are cut with Sizzix die, the bottoms I hand cut and the whole set are made by Flicker Gallery owner: gcl1964 who also has a delightfully seasonal snowman quilt there too. Its certainly worth a look if your curious about other hand made wonders like these guys. it really all just makes me want to get festive already, and I have been trying to resist the urge since the begining of the month. Not till mid november *pokes self in eye*