Friday, 12 June 2009

Kawaii Angels

Looking at the reward aside, the four felty charms pictured. would you believe these are all hand made, and angelled. Whats an angel you may ask? well thats where someone who isnt a persons partner sends them items, just out of kindness rather than have them go without, because their partner hasnt sent. What makes this extra special is that the swap was only for one felty Kawaii charm. And there are four. Infact look here. There are alot more. Total kudos goes to flickr gallery owner: jplanet66. Who sent these out.
Its a real pleasure to see someone brightening up folks day on swap-bot. Especially with so many flaking on swaps just lately. Lets hope that growing trend doesnt thwart the keen and lovely people who angel.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Why do birds suddenly Appear?

Following something of an attraction Ive had to birdy things today I spied this little tweety pie on the main page, Isnt he adorable. I mean all the extras aside that this little fellow was sent with, including the odd box that looks like cat biscuits for people (this cant be a bad thing! curse those furry devils for having food that looks curious enough to want to try....*innocent face*).
He was made for a 'Make a bird swap' that happened a little while ago, and he really does look delightful. really professionally crafted. I personally am a fan of the little stubby feet he has. He even has a friend.
Thank you again Swap-bot user: Flufftail for sharing another of your lovely hand sewn stuffies with the swap-bot community. One day I shall have one on my shelf. I swear...

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Doodle Tweet

I saw this as I tuned into swap-bot this afternoon and I just couldnt help but comment. It's a Yankee Doodle Birdie. So its a patriotic pidgeon, and a very pretty one too, I love the colouring, the little pompom collar for the bird and the tiny red button eye. Though I have yet to figure out what it is? Is it a pin badge, a magnet or just a decoration.
I dont mind what it is though. I just thought it looked quite pretty, there is another too. Look here. Though I prefer this one. tee hee. well done though to Flickr user: mscraftyt who put them up in her gallery to share with us.