Saturday, 22 August 2009

Pin topped wonders

'Crazy?' I wouldnt hardly call these pin toppers that, I would however call them Ossum! These were made as a custom Etsy order for a swapper on Swap-bot. And if your wondering what they are. They are Polymer clay pin toppers. What a lovely idea for a craft, considering I am terrible for sewing over my pins or even leaving them in garments and other things. With toppers like these owls, gnomes, mushrooms, hedgehogs and cakes you'll never do that. or loose them for that matter.

Thank you Flickr gallery: Sweet*Clementine for sharing these lovely photos of your toppers, now housed on a pin cushion jar home of their own.

Friday, 21 August 2009

Junk ATC's dont forget your scraps

Heres an interesting challenge. Create an ATC from 'junk', this is what Swap-bot user: creationsbygena has done with this example. As it was the requirement for the junk ATC swap she'd taken part in.
You had to use up the left over bits and pieces from other swaps and pile them together to make something new. Its like a fabulous recycling collage of lovelyness in a tiny ATC sized package. It most certainly gets a thumbs up from this swapper. It always makes me smile to see swaps go out like this, as I can tell you, with all of my mini zine, inchie and ATC crafting normally the left overs are shuffled off into the bin. I can say Id keep them, infact I used to. But then, I had drawers of bits, with no where to send them. Amen to the junk atc swap!

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Kaboodles of Things

Ive just started swapping 'kawaii' things again recently. Now Im a complete newbie to the concept I wont lie. But I love the theme. I also love seeing well put together packages like this one. It literally has a little bit of everything and its all clean, pristine and for the most part I assume brand new.
Swap-bot users: SugarVixen and Jemboawa should be especially proud of themselves for putting this together as a private swap through the site. I especially am envious of the tiny green devil duckie. Now sweet and evil all at the same time.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Fabric Bobbly chunky inchies

I have always liked my inchies and these days muse over new ways to collect and display them. Since my current plans are coin sleeves that collectors use. Im left wondering where else to keep my more 3D inchies... I feel always attracted to them. I guess thats why these caught my eye today.
For a first set of inchies they are bright vibrant and chunky, great stuff. A sign of things to come from Flicker gallery: tinymatchboxstudio perhaps.
But I would feel terrible if I was their partner swap-bot user: Caresalot taking them from the pretty paper backing. as I say though I am struggling with this whole how to display my inchies dilemma.

Wiggly Sister

Havent written up on things Ive seen in weeks. really letting team trinket down. But hold on. because Im writing again. because I have seen the light and it has blue wiggles for hair...well maybe not but this Dotee dolly does. and I think she is fabulous.
Made by Flickr user: Marymint1 I just couldnt ignore it as I logged into the swap-bot site this afternoon. Im in awe of the wiggly hair. thats such a cool idea for making a Dotee really stand out among a crowd, like ths one is. As if you can see in the background she has shy sisters. A tree branch though does make for a great display prop for Dotee's. If you want to see them dangle a bit more freely.