Saturday, 7 March 2009

Luggage with Legs

Your not seeing things. Like I thought I was. This is infact a chest with legs. and gosh I hope its a disk world reference. That is though one of the most creative stuffies Ive seen in quite some time. Its brilliant. The chest is made to such a high standard, its ridgid but without looking like it would crush all, it sort of has a soft quality though I expect it is still rather ridgid. Really hard to do but done brilliantly here.
Thank you Flickr user: Carrottepower for showing off. the multi-legged chest here. Im still having a closer look at how the buckle closing clasp actually works. It looks quite like it closes properly. Another pretty admirable thing. Well done.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Blank pages to Master pieces

I open my eyes and I swear all I see are cupcakes and this bad? NAW! These are pretty damn good ATC's the kind I would love to add to my collection. I think the thing that appealed to me more so than anything else is having a look through Swap-bot user: gem's Flickr and seeing how these four ATC cards came to life.
Granted no cupcakes but everything owl. Including an pretty darn cool paint pot. I think for the next few sets of ATC's I put together I may have to produce a step by step making of photo collection because it just seems really nice to be able to look back through the stages of an art objects life from blank page to master piece. Like here and here.


According to Swap-bot user: Sunnysidey this would be the result of a lack of red bull. (according to my Mr. there was an experiment about Caffine earlier in the year, people who stopped drinking the stuff lost over a stone in weight - wha!).
erm. but yes this little owl critter. Is brilliant sure he does look like a red bull cozey but I wouldn't hold that against him (I need my caffine!). I love the fact he doesnt look like any other Owl Stuffie Ive come accross to date, he is unique. Thats pretty cool stuff. I mean most look round like the kind craft magazines teach you to make.
I like the fabric too, a good mix of floral patterns, the kind my mum would use on curtains actually, even though they wouldnt match any of the decoation in her house or mine, floral for that woman = curtains not owl. Course Owly curtains would be cool *has images of this little guy with the rest of his owl posse sewn together to make a massive stuffie curtain*
Ok. Now Im being silly. But he is a really good stuffie. well made SunnySidey keep up the good work.

Rainbow Mitten's Save your Page

I think the best thing I see when I log into Swap-bot each morning (afternoon) when I wake up are the amazing array of fantastic handmade things. Ideas and objects Id have never of thought of. Its a real inspiration some days I can definatly say. Its something I would suggest to any crafter. Even if you don't swap, stop, take a look and admire some of the creations that are getting posted around the world. There really are some ossumly creative folks there.

I mean take for example these bookmarks, Made by Swap-bot user: Flufftail for a no spend bookmark swap. Simple idea, make a bookmark, beautifal results you couldnt go to any shop in the world and buy for the exchange. I have to totally envie her five partners for this exchange who will be adding one of the clippy bookmarks on the right to their collection or their favorit novel at some point. *envy*

Get Stuck on my Fridge!

I love fortune reading. Its a proper passion for me. I think I even waffle about it too much too when Im not paying attention. (usually at my Mr. who in all truths trys to escape, but isnt nearly quick enough mwhahaha). I collect different sets even to use for readings. Its cool, its fun. but my collection isnt something I ever expect to expand from swaps via. Swap-bot due to the fact most of the objects I use cost more than your average swappers budget. (gr! those manufacturers).
When a package arrives like one did this morning. Waking me up too. boo! It was really a nice surprize though to open up the packet and see some home made rune themed magnets. They are now stuck to my fridge too. pride of place next to several bottle cap magnets Ive recieved in the past.
This I believe was all part of a private swap between myself and Swap-Bot user: Valentine69. Who should boot me in the bum as I have yet to post out her half of this fantastic swap (some comics I had spare and thought needed a new home before i chopped them up into art).
Have a closer look here, I am so going to be using those creamy beads as bee hives for a future chunky page. They are very cool. Infact the whole thing was cool what am I saying!

Cute Wishes Do Come True

A recent addiction for me in swapping would be all those Kawaii cute stuff as said a few days ago. I love the look of some of it, other bits are just a tad strange for me, but most of it is cool and in that girly high school way I thought I had grown out of when I realised I could likely sit down with photoshop and make my own themed letter sets etc.
It appeals to the senses in strange ways and occasionally some cute cat hugging a tomato sauce bottle will make me go 'awwww' and turn me to mush.
Equally a random envie arriving at my door will too. From a lady I havent set up a swap with, but who thought it would be very cool to grant me a Wish from the Wishlist group and share some of her collection with me. Fueling my addiction (all things in moderation...all things in moderation...).
Thank you kindly Swap-bot user: GeorgeBee. Your package was great. I seem to remember sitting there and playing with the sticker flakes for quite a bit longer than your average 24 year old should.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Did that Tomanto smile at me?

Kawaii. Ive been stung by the bee of Japanese pop culture. Don't panic I havent given in to it yet, though I am intrigued by the stuff. Because thats basically all it is. Cute stuff. Kawaii. So I am led to believe means just that Cute. The vast sea of merchendise attached to it = the stuff.
All good things in moderation though. So for me it was very nice to recieve an adorable envie today with Kawaii food on it. This was infact a swap I signed up for about a month ago. Food with face's ATC. There was no stippulation on what food you had to pick. I believe I drew a stew with mushrooms and tomatos. My partner put corn on this card for me. Ultimately the best food of them all. mmmm sweetcorn. A good guess. Since I usually hate veggie's (eep. Dont tell my mother, she'll force them on me via. the post *has visions of mailed pototes and swedes). I loved the ATC. I loved the little sticker flakes I was sent too. All from Swap-bot user: cupcakechica

Monday, 2 March 2009

Swap-bot Cakes

Huray for swap-bot meet ups. I am jelous. Green infact with envy. Or well I would have been green having seen these swap-bot themed cakes. Id have attempted to eat them all, they look ossum. Theres something so wrong and yet so very right about the colourings (orange and its not carrot, huray). I hope the 20 folks who went had a really good time scoffing the lot too.
I wonder if there would be enough Uk Swap-botters like me to have a meet up over here, we wouldn't have as epic cakes though. Thank you for sharing these photos Racheljohnson they are pretty darn cool. Especially for the tastey close ups of cake.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Tidy Work Spaces

If only I had this much space on my work table. ive taken to using a tray now for most of my cutting out as all the bits and pieces seem to been waging a war across my desktop against my Mac. (yes yes, I am a sinner I use a Mac).
But yes. I have much envy for those who have this sort of space with which to craft. Oh and Polymer clay, something I love to play with, even if it does end up being a scrambled grey mess of smudged colours and dirty finger prints (well sort of). Anyways Flickr user: craftaddict02 Has alot more skill at having a tidy desk and tidy Polymer clay creations than me clearly. As this clay owl here shows for definate. Id love to have the courage to throw that much clay together and make something wonderful rather than a gooey mess.