Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Did that Tomanto smile at me?

Kawaii. Ive been stung by the bee of Japanese pop culture. Don't panic I havent given in to it yet, though I am intrigued by the stuff. Because thats basically all it is. Cute stuff. Kawaii. So I am led to believe means just that Cute. The vast sea of merchendise attached to it = the stuff.
All good things in moderation though. So for me it was very nice to recieve an adorable envie today with Kawaii food on it. This was infact a swap I signed up for about a month ago. Food with face's ATC. There was no stippulation on what food you had to pick. I believe I drew a stew with mushrooms and tomatos. My partner put corn on this card for me. Ultimately the best food of them all. mmmm sweetcorn. A good guess. Since I usually hate veggie's (eep. Dont tell my mother, she'll force them on me via. the post *has visions of mailed pototes and swedes). I loved the ATC. I loved the little sticker flakes I was sent too. All from Swap-bot user: cupcakechica

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