Thursday, 5 March 2009

Cute Wishes Do Come True

A recent addiction for me in swapping would be all those Kawaii cute stuff as said a few days ago. I love the look of some of it, other bits are just a tad strange for me, but most of it is cool and in that girly high school way I thought I had grown out of when I realised I could likely sit down with photoshop and make my own themed letter sets etc.
It appeals to the senses in strange ways and occasionally some cute cat hugging a tomato sauce bottle will make me go 'awwww' and turn me to mush.
Equally a random envie arriving at my door will too. From a lady I havent set up a swap with, but who thought it would be very cool to grant me a Wish from the Wishlist group and share some of her collection with me. Fueling my addiction (all things in moderation...all things in moderation...).
Thank you kindly Swap-bot user: GeorgeBee. Your package was great. I seem to remember sitting there and playing with the sticker flakes for quite a bit longer than your average 24 year old should.

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