Sunday, 1 March 2009

Tidy Work Spaces

If only I had this much space on my work table. ive taken to using a tray now for most of my cutting out as all the bits and pieces seem to been waging a war across my desktop against my Mac. (yes yes, I am a sinner I use a Mac).
But yes. I have much envy for those who have this sort of space with which to craft. Oh and Polymer clay, something I love to play with, even if it does end up being a scrambled grey mess of smudged colours and dirty finger prints (well sort of). Anyways Flickr user: craftaddict02 Has alot more skill at having a tidy desk and tidy Polymer clay creations than me clearly. As this clay owl here shows for definate. Id love to have the courage to throw that much clay together and make something wonderful rather than a gooey mess.

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