Saturday, 28 February 2009

Squeeeee....Candy, Hearts and Bells

You know a swap like this would be the swap of the year for me if it had arrived on my end, yes this is all one package from Swap-bot user: ShandaPanda. This is a massive array of happy hearty valentines love thingys. There bells, jars, boxes, papers, stams and more hearts than the love factory. I am throughly impressed (and I wouldn't be lieing if I admitted to be slightly interested in how much it cost to post - theres a whole lot of happy there).

Have a closer look at some of the bits and pieces this is an EPIC package to receive. A little Stamp. A jingly Heart (I swear I thought you only got these at Christmas. Its not a Valentines gift without ribbons and its defiantly not without chocolates. You cannot tell me that isnt the most exceptional way to convey some love to a swap partner, above and beyond the norm. Fantastic.

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