Wednesday, 25 February 2009

That's Not Scrap

Thats it. Im signing up for the next paper scraps swap I come across because there is just no way these lovelly quality bits and bobs are scraps. They're the sorts of bits I horde away in my papery box of ossum like the hording hermit I am. Always saving them with the intent, Im savint that particular shiney piece of paper for some epic piece of work, that generally never happens.
I do hope that wont be the case for these bits and that they are destined to appear on this blog another time shaped into something marvelous. I cant wait to see, but Swap-bot user: LittleZ I would be your partner for a scrap paper swap anytime. I especially do like the little bird sat on a cloud you posted. I wonder if thats a sticker of a transfer like the ones in your Dawanda shop.

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