Friday, 27 February 2009

Sneeky Peeks and Faeries

I saw this photo after having a look at a set of four ATC's with the same design on them, And honestly both are worthy of honorable mention. Kinda cursing the fact I didnt sign up to the swap the ATC's are part of *grumbles*
Thats quite an eye catcher of a design, made for as a transparency? (at least I read it like that) and then stuck to things. What a very clever idea. I am in awe of the photograph of this one (im a sucker for sky pictures). and Im curious as to what the backs of the atc's were made with or if they were just that way when the cards were created.
Its the faerie design though that makes both and that is all Swap-bot user: ShandaPanda's art. Its the simple things that really catch your eye sometimes, I guess some may argue that this isnt really so simple, but a silloutted Faerie and very short but delicate wings works simple for me *froths at how she would want this on her window cill*

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