Friday, 27 February 2009

Oooow Shiney things...

A handful of beads. I can derive an odd amount of entertainment from beads and buttons alike and have done since I was a child and got to play with my Grandma's big Roses tin full of the things. It was always good times to be sat around sorting the blue ones from the black ones or finding all the star shaped buttons etc.
I can totally understand the excitement for Swap-bot user: Sonyaok when she got these, especially since it seems they were right on for the kind she uses in her work. Im a bead addict too, I love the ones at the back with the sort of cloudy colours to them and the tiny pearls. They were part of the International Beads Swap which sounded quite nice, only a small $5 packet containing about that much in beads before shipping. That leaves plenty of creative collecting from the sender and plenty of surprizes for the reciever.

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