Thursday, 26 February 2009

Big Birthday for Trinket

This arrived yesterday, But Im still frothing about it today.
What is it? you ask. Its a BIRTHDAY CARD! because yep you guessed it. Today is my birthday. I always fuss over my birthday a little too much, even if the weather outside is grey dull and horrible. It's still my birthday. Im gonna wrap myself up in blankets and eat cake all day till I get ill....or well just dont want to eat anymore cake (I can't see that happening soon).
And all the time this little ginger kitty shall be poking his smiley nose at me. Thank you very much Swap-Bot user: ChuckInNY for posting this to me. Oh and yes. That is glitter, long after the card has been moved away, there shall be glitter all over my room as the sparkly gift that keeps on giving in my socks and shoes ever day. (I may have spilled a bit - everywhere).

1 comment:

  1. Happy Birthday, sweetie! Hope it's a great day filled with glittery things!