Saturday, 10 July 2010

I cant believe its not Jam?

In the past I have tried my hand at doing faeries in jars, I wasnt very good at it and found the whole process a bit too fiddly (this is from the woman who spends hours on a single ATC). It wasnt to my liking. However I am producing Envy rays when I see this fine jar with its captured faerie. Not only is this picture of it fabulously taken and edited, but the jar itself is something anyone would be well happy to have in their mail art collection. even if they arent a massive fan of Faeries and captured critters in jars.
I love the netting over the top. It makes you feel like there could be rare jam involved, and who doesnt like Jam? Have a look here at Debapaka's Flickr gallery for more lovely pictures and some sent swaps. Gosh what a great surprize this jar must have been for her partner for the, Captured Creature Bottles Swap at

Friday, 9 July 2010

Springy Mouse Matchbox

A spring themed match box caught my eye this afternoon. Mostly for the attention to detail it has springing about ontop of it. Spring + Springs. tee hee. AND! with mouses. whats not to like about that. As soon here on Christie1981's Flicker gallery.
I mean goodies aside I really do like the little mice ontop, which are made from Polymer clay. But I also like all the little extras with this swap. As well as a nicely written little. I cant express how much it is appreciated when a partner takes a little time to write a note to explain about what just arrived through my post box. Boo! to the people who just send little post its. A letter like this one is far far more friendly and nice to recieve.... and springy mice too.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Simply Pleasurable Art Book

Couldnt help but notice this treasure this evening as I was pootling about the forums. What a delightful Art book made by Flickr user: girl_with_the_glasses. Made for another swapper for a simple pleasures swap over on Swap-bot. I can only wonder what her partner put for their likes and simple happy things. Bunting?
Isnt everyone a fan of it in some way, even the people who live in houses where bunting wouldnt match the decoration. Like mine *sad face* well at least it can be appreciated from afar, while looking at art like this. What a wonder this must have been to recieve.

An ATC everyday of the year

Thats right, an ATC every day of the year, 365 days of art cards. Nope not posted and sent by kind friends and swappers but each made by artist Jenny and her charming new blog. Here. Where she intends to complete a project which will mean she has to make a card a day for an entire year.
And its already begun. this card here on the left is from day 1 of the endevor. I cant help but wish anyone good luck with any project of this nature, as I have tried to reinspire myself in the past with similar and gotten about a month in before other ideas have whisked me away from continueing. Im a butterfly in a flowerbed when it comes to that sort of thing. But gosh I would love to see this project of Jenny's finished. 365 cards is no small feat and they are going to look absolutely spiffing together.

Return of the Mermaid

As with all crafting things, you take a break then one day. Its like. I need to check in today just to see how things are ticking over. Well I did that today and was astounded by the new talent that has found its way over to Swap-bot, especially when I saw this delightful mermaid.
As seen on Mafiosagrrl's Flicker gallery along with a dozen other delightful artistic treats.
I mean what I like about this image is not only does this ATC use a mixture of a hand drawn image but also texture in the woobly weedy stuff in the background. Just the right balence of the two. Though Mafiosagrrl worries about the fact the mermaids hands and tail go over the ATC's edge. I think that only adds character to the card, as if shes swimming right off the card!