Saturday, 17 July 2010

Her name is Lola the Rabbit

Lola the bunny. What an adorable little critter to make for a wish. I love the warm orange fabric this stuffie has been made from, it was what first caught my eye. Its not the spots, I just cant help it. Like a bee to honey I love orange its such a warm colour.
This bunny though looks so well made, she even has a pompom for a tail, which is a really nice tactile touch just like the button eyes and ribbon around her neck. I hope all goes well for this swap and the young girl she has been made for. What a surprize! thank you Flickr user Het_Kleine_Woud for sharing this and the other delightful pictures of your stuffies for me to oogle at and admire. They really are quite lovely to look at bobbing about in the grasses.

Friday, 16 July 2010

60 objects one matchbox!

I wonder whats inside this little match box. All wrapped up and ready to be posted by Flickr gallery owner lishmo123.
This apparently has inside it 60 objects. As part of a found object matchbox cram swap hosted on Swap-bot. Im not going to spoil whats inside but I do like some of the little metal shiney things that have gone into this. But I think the most special part is the tag and the lace ribbon that have it wrapped up securely. This really will be a treat to recieve, but Id never want to dismatle it, or take any of the careful packaged objects out from the match box.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Not my Fabergé egg

This is one of the most unusual things Ive seen posted through the surface mail service in along time. Its an actual egg, decorated and with a little clock face inside. I dont think its ticking though. (apparently your not allowed to send ticking things in the post).
There is a zipper around the middle to close the egg too. Its really preculiar but I like it. It sort of has that victorian, steam punk, egg theme. By making the ordinary thing here an egg into the extra-ordinary egg clock with zipper. I very much like it, it must have taken some pacients to pattern all those swirls onto the actual egg itself too. Not to mention adding the zip. Its not the only one either, its one of three that can be seen on indygirl-cp's Flickr gallery.

Inspired Tagging

In all my years of mail art this is something I have never seen before. This is what creator CraftyAnnie who posted it on her flickr gallery today calls an inspiration tag. which I can only assume to mean its an tag thats been wrapped up especially with little nick nacks and wootley bits to provide inspiration to a swap partner.

I like the sort of eccentric mix of ticket stubs and collage bits, ribbons and buttons. I dont know about her partner but I certain get inspired by this, to bundle together a tag of my own for some swapper in the future. This is a really well made object. Though if I had recieved it. Im not sure where I would have put it.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

It's Been 'sew' long...

In case anyone was in any doubt this ATC is the right size, how do you think i know, well it has a tape measure on it telling us all so. I do hope this is an ATC though, as there was no description of what it is.
Thats possibly one of the most creative uses of a tape measure on an art card ive seen. Not simply stuck to the card but woven through four simple holes. What a great idea to link it to the text on the card 'Its been sew long...' since its sewn onto the card.
But this isnt the only clever ATC posted by artist Fabricmom in her flickr gallery. There are a handful of other very delicate and lovely looking cards for us to admire.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Forky Trinket's

Nope its not melted and Im very sure you cant eat your dinner with it either, Nor would you want to. This here curved and twisty fork has been cleverly made into a piece of folk jewelry. with extra bits. Charms and a colourful ribbon on the end too. Im not certain Ive ever thought of making jewelry like this out of the silver ware but now Ive seen this the thought does cross my mind. Just what could you make from a fork? Im sure Ive got a set of plyers I could use to twist the forky bits.
Thank you Vendetti's who shared this photo on their Flickr gallery. Now Im going to have to go out there and ruin a few forks trying to emulate this charming braclet.


The art of crochet has never been cuter. In a very enviable way I just couldnt resist writing about this pink little piggy as I logged onto swap-bot this afternoon. And Im not usually a crochet fan (I tell a lie, I have quite a few cute crochetted goodies, I just cant make my own *shame face*).
I love the neatness of the finish especially the single wooly thread that marks out the line where the tiny trotters of the piggy are. Fabulous work, even more so because its on proudmama-77's Flickr gallery and as I write this actually up for trade! *gasp* If your curious go look for yourself, shes also made some absolutely fabulous hello kitty toys too.

Matches in Matches

Not just a match box but this one has been upsized just for the lovely lady who recieved it and posted it up on their Flickr gallery here. Thank you gemgirlart.
What caught my eye though with this one, was look there in the middle, the little yellow box. Its actually a teeny tiny matchbox. With teeny tiny matches!
I am most pleased by this. I like teeny things, holding them makes me feel like a giant and thats cool. But I also like the fact that because this box was upsized it made room for so much more, not just beads and buttons but tiny stamps and flowers. Must have been quite a squeeze though to get them all in though.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Hold on. thats a bookmark

Not just any ordinary bookmark. I couldnt help but notice where this fabulous Alice in wonderland themed bookmark came from. It was made by a swapper named Naurwen. From the group, I love to swap. One of the first ladys on the swap-bot site I ever had the pleasure of swapping with.
Im very glad to see shes still making delightful pieces of mail art for folks to show on their flicker gallerys. Just like lildamselfly has with this. This is certainly a book make though Id find too special to use, I must be a meanie and abuse my bookmarks to death. Id want to keep it special in the draw with my other mail art.

and if your curious take a peek here for the swap that made this possible.