Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Panda Burns Paper?

Im still and always will be a huge fan of ATC's so its no surprize that one of the first posts this year is ATC related. And I just couldnt miss this oppertunity out to mention how much I liked this pair of key ATC's.
I love the paper in the background, the shades of burnt music sheet paper that matches the brown colour on the old key (at least I hope its an old key and not the lost key to the artists loft eek!). Thank you Shanda Panda for sharing these very well taken photos on your flickr gallery for everyone to see.

Delightful Patterns

When I saw this I thought it was a stand alone ATC, but ah no no. Surprize to me its not. Its actually a sheet of patterned card made for making other things out of.
Take a moment to consider, what a fabulous idea that is. Rather than popping out to the shop for papers to stick to the back of decorated art objects. Flicker Gallery owner: Jenawin has opted for the ultimate make your own. It looks fantastic.

Have a look at her gallery, theres several more delightfully hand made sheets. Great idea. I think once I get enough space in my craft room, this is something Id love to have a go at making my own. If only so I can give sheets of paper a sort of feel to them, that nothing store bought can give.