Saturday, 31 January 2009

Flowers, Jars and Love.

I think. like the comments for this Jar. I am in love, No not with my charming young Mr. (shhh dont tell him I wrote that) but with the pretty Whimsey jar pictured here. How sweet is that pink flower on top. Im hoping its something other than plastic but even if it is, its still very nice. Simple decoration nothing that could have taken too long to prepair, because face it most of the things Ive stuck onto the lids of Whimsey jar's Ive made in the past Ive stuck with the intention of my partner removing and using for something else, or another jar or....well something.
Swapbot user: Suessstoff really made this one pretty though.
And took a really stylish photo to boot. No hints as to whats inside for Swapbot user: Jennecy who will soon be the proud owner of this jar when it reaches her as part of a Valentines package. But a great photo of a really great little jar.

For those who are curious. Whimsy jars. These are random decorated jars, filled with nick nacks and twiddly bits, that some choose to leave as a complete jar and have as decoration, or others like me. Pull out all the contents the moment they land in the post because its like getting treasure. And you have to poke and prod every little bit in there.

Thursday, 29 January 2009

The late...Morning Post, Monkeys!

I dont nearly post enough ATC's here on my blog. Well that shall change, Now I have more free time to sign up to more ATC swaps and have to post all the lovely cards I get in the post.
Heres one I got today. Yes yes. I know its late, busy day. BUT! still here they are. These are two lovely flying monkey themed cards I got from swap-bot user: Coffeelatte Its sad to say these had to be a resend after the post just didnt seem to want to send the original first letter over here (curse those postal demons who eat only the best ATC's while they are in transit). I have respect for the girl for sending me another pair of lovely cards. I really like the flying monkey and the scarecrow card, it looks like hes getting the stuffing pulled out of him and if you ever saw the original Wizard of Oz film. Good. I hated that scare crow. I wanted to chase him with matches, and I wasnt allowed them as a kid. (my parents, sensible people).
Both though are great cards, ATC's for me are about the effort the crafter puts in, the time spent making them, but also the feel, you can tell a cards been made well if it just feels right, the paper used on these two felt lovely. Not sure what kind it was though, it was soft. mmmm soft.
These wrap up the Flying Monkeys swap for me. Its take a few weeks, but Im happy with the four cards I got. I hope my partners liked theirs from me too.

Zebras. Chunky Pages and Wiggly bits.

Encouraged by my Mr. I figured Id show what I did while being constructive this morning. Granted I know its late now, but I figured what they hey. Better late than never. This is my contribution to a Chunky pages swap I hosted last year. The deadline being quite generous since I was hosting the swap over the christmas period and I figured best to give folks the time.
Im glad I did. the Send deadline is tomorrow and I made this today. phew. It was a real busy one for me though. This is my first half decent page. Ive made some in the past though never really deemed them worthy of presenting to the rest of man kind. though with the papers of lovelyness I got from dreammer last week. This is what I came up with. Guess it really pays off to have the materials. To make a good page, spiffing. I had to add wiggly bits in the top corner. I see lots of chunky pages with these. Why? I dont know but wiggly bits are a 10 on cool when making Chunky pages for me. All my future pages will have wiggly bits.

Not Just a Stitchy Sheet of Cloth

I know ive had a bit of a fetish for fabric thingys lately. I guess I envy what I cannot create myself, well and have never tried I admit. But I know that my first attempt at anything fabric and handmade, would not look half as good as this first attempt at a sewn postcard by Swap-bot user: ProudNana who posted it on the swap-bot main public forum. Posted and asked the question, is this good enough for a swap.
I am in the can't sew, wont sew minority on swap bot and if this came through my mail box I would be well wow! It'd be on my wall with the other things folks have sent me that Ive gone woot about because they are hand sewn. I have total respect for anyone who can but needle to thread and make anything that looks better than a stitchy sheet of cloth (thats what I usually make by the way).

Check out the forum post here and go share some comments about how cool this postcard is for a first attempt.

Itty bitty and well travelled Dotee

Isnt this just the most adorable little thing. I didnt know Dotee's came in this sort of size, hes tiny. Apparently his name is Leonard (yep a boy dotee, that makes him even cooler). And he was made by Swap-bot user: lilacamy931 (well done). Hes such a simple little guy, No wonder JenMeister had to write about him on her blog, go have a look at what she had to say here.

Sometimes the simplest things do get us, I mean small things are good, but small and well made are better. Im admiring the beading on this litte pea pod (thats what he sorta reminds me of, and in a good way I will add).
Couldnt you imagine a whole family of Leonards hanging out together in a a pea pod together, like a tiny family of four mini Dotee's and wrapped up in a blanket. I can. hmmm...

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Baa Baa...ATC

Its got wool and beads and a paper birdy thing on it. How creative can you be with an ATC. well this one makes me ponder, have I really been putting enough effort into my own cards. Its got a little bit of everything there, Im looking at it and going. Nah that cant be an ATC, but it is. Bah...or Baaa. Should I say (ok that was a bad pun).

But Mad Mummy You made this card and I doff my hat to you. This is a real treat for anyone who is a collector. I have to totally envy your partner. As I personally only have two or three cloth (hand sewn) ATC's in my collection and they were all ones I got second hand via. people trading out cards they already had. I know. Why would you want to get rid of any cards at all, but my partners did those times.
Did I meantion that this was also a card that was part of a set? Its got a partner incrime, see. Pictured on the right. I love the beads at the bottom on the second card, they look like little flowers, thats something to add to the note pad for future creative projects. But the tree on both cards, looks fab. These were made for the swap bot spring lambs ATC swap, I just cant seem to find a link for it sadly. Though there are another two just like these out there somewhere. Or not yet photographed. Oooow....

Sweet Treats in the Post

After reading a few concerned threads on the swap bot about poisoning from foods and such, Ive been a wary swapper for things from other countrys. Its not hard to believe most of the cases were for Chinese goods. But you never can tell what the other person is thinking.
Too much paranoia in the world today. Either way, its good to see some people have a good deal of faith in the kind ladys and swappers over on swapbot.
It is really encouraging when you see less horror storys and more pictures of tastey treats, that regardless of the current paranoia about stuff, I would eat and be happy to swap for. Hoppyloo who sent this little jar of sweets, for no more than a simple PIF in the Lucky Parcel Group. Should be really proud. This is really encouraging stuff to see. (thanks again to Emsan's Flicker gallery). Ive had experiences with Official swaps in the past that have not nearly looked so good.

Kittys with sharp edges

Pointy Kitty. The plush. Now what wouldn't you give to get one of these button nosed sweethearts in the post, I saw him on the swap-bot photos and just had to run over and comment.


Apparently purple and yellow are the colours for the Minnesota Viking, I never knew that. So hes a themed kitty. All things considered those vikings have taste, Purples one of my favorit colours too. Best thing I think about this guy is the button nose, that is very cute. Sinianen who made him, made him really well. even with one droopy button eye, Id love a kitten like this one, I mean a real cat would also be cool but this is a plush pet with none of the mess, what could possibly be bad about that. In a strange way he also kind of reminds me of the dogs from Rudedog and the Dweebs, an old kids tv show I used to watch back in the day.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Felt Disguises itself as Pie

So real indeed. waking up this morning I looked at this and was like, mmmm cream and lemon pie. I could just go for one of those...well if there was even a bakery near me that bothered with fresh creamy goodies. (there isnt, this is a crime now I am looking at this).
But -gasp- this isnt actually real food. I mean we've all seen felt foods before, they are cool, but ultimately they look like what they are, it a very cute way of course. But this today had me double taking. It made me hungry. well done swap-bot user: lisajhoney this is a really well made bit of food. Its one of a couple of lovely examples of hunger inducing felty foods she's made. It must be a new Zeland thing, its definatly talent. Because Im looking at this one here and this one here, pondering how I can make one of my own. Course I know without a doubt that it will most certainly not look nearly as edible as these beautifal foods.

Looking at Lisajhoney's flickr gallery also has lead me to this place. Felt cuisine? Sounds almost too good to be true, I mean patterns for cool felt food, free? *gasp* Well it will make for good reading today.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Chunky and Funky

A real love story has no ending...
Thats the message on one of the pages here in this little book. I came across tonight while prowling Swapbot in my usual late night fashion. Ive had a bit of a thing for Chunky books over the past six months, I mean personally Ive never finished one, I usually get a few pages and then change my mind on what I am going to be making a book on. Thus the pages I have sit lonely and in their unfinished books.
But this finished object looks. Lovely. No pun intended. And with great photos to show it off, the swap bot user who made this (cberrybaby). Should be very proud with herself.

I am literally sat here pawing over the images in cberry's set here on Flickr. such lovelly materials, really well thought out compesition too on the pages, Not only do I appreciate this, but Im sat here thinking, I wish my scrap paper draw had bits like those to stick to the art I make. Total Envy fest. Course I think thats what any paper crafter thinks when they spot a truely good bit of work.
Please go look and place comments for cberry's great work - and have a nosey at these extra pictures here here here and here