Tuesday, 30 June 2009

I Spy Swaps

I feel a bit of a cheater this morning as I write this. You see I was looking through the usual pictures on Swap-bot to add to the blog and saw this one. I was curious. I check it out and then I find out that this is from the Totem Animal and a Trinket swap, well of course I had to sign up for this swap. And that this infact was the package coming my way from my partner Miahalf. Woops.
I think its the first time Ive gotten a peek at a swap coming my way before it has even been posted before. Which is pretty cool. Those flowers do look very pretty, they are Thyme. A lovely herb to use in making charms and other flavoured things. I wonder if Mia has chosen an animal for me yet. *gets excited* I cannot wait for this swap to arrive with me now.