Saturday, 21 March 2009

An Attic of Pink Skulls

When I looked at this swap I thought this was another of those little boxes that contain half sized ATC's you know the match boxes that had begun to spring up in swaps this year (I at least never noticed them before this year anyways...hmmm). But its not. Its a lovingly put together whimsy chest and part of a much larger skulls and pink Attic swap sent by Swap-bot user: Salfra. And its really well put together, it is the sort of package I love to see go out to another, well thought out...maybe a little too pink for my liking but thats beside the point.
Here is a look at the whole thing Swap-bot user: craftaddict02 had to share with us. I love one of the comments on the stickers 'My hubby says he'll leave me if I keep crafting.....I'll sure miss him' Gosh my young Mr. can share that pain. Sometimes I wonder if the house is under seige from my crafting ways tee hee and Im glad to know its not just mine.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Pins and Cushions and Pins

Pin-cushions come in all shapes and sizes and colours on swap-bot it seems from the bizzare eye shaped bottle cap pin cushions we've all had a go at making, then given up on and ended up with the much more simple cupcake bottle cap pin-cushion (or at least I have).
I noticed this swap, and it is no exception to the rule. Pin-cushions are everywhere on swap-bot today (I have a small selection made by my good friends in the Glitter Gal's group.

This very tidy cushion shows off a neat square design with a button middle. Have a closer look. I mean what I say when i say this is tidy. Compared to my attempts at making my own. this is exceptional and the colours all match. Even the pair of pins in the photo match. All put together by Swap-bot user: Dreadnoughtdesigns fantastic piece of work. Well done.

Last of the Snows

Possibly the last wintery swap we will see for a little while, but its good to know the sun is on its way. This little snow flake reminds me of all the good things that have been exchanged over the past winter season. Things added to my collection I shall be treasuring till Im an old crinkly woman.
I do hope whoever does recieve this bottle cap magnet does the same, its a very simple creation but its very pretty, Id definatly put it on my fridge with the growing collection of swap-bot magnets I have there.
What I am pondering however is how Swap-bot user: peacewytch happened got that picture in the middle of the snowflake so flawlessly, because when I try anything so fiddly I often end up with a gluey mess. Well done.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Triple Heart-worthy Package

What a colourful tub. I wonder what could be inside.
Well I dont really have to wonder much because Swap-bot user: Gem had to share it with us. Its a sneaky peek at her rainbow themed swap package. Gosh I would love to have a nosey inside that tub at whats being sent, because this swap cost a mighty $42 to post out. I wish I was lieing but here is the evil proof!
I thought they had stealthed shipping costs up a little bit on my end when one package cost me £3 to send when I was certain before christmas a similar lot of things cost about 50p less. Goodness me Gem I do not envy you on that bill of yours though, All kudo's though for still going ahead and posting out. Id have given the post office a snotty look and found another way to post personally. Thats definate commitment to having a happy partner. I really wish you triple hearts for the package.

Monday, 16 March 2009


Recently there has been a bit of an obsession for these little thingys called brads. Here is an example of some photographed by Flickr user: little_z and shared on the swap-bot main page. Its a really nice photo. And its an average sheet of colourful brads.
Ive never really used them in crafts I produce, since most of the things I make are sculpted from clay or painted by hand. (basically stuff I can make a great big mess with). But they make great middles for flowers, and decorations from atc's, inchies to pretty much anything you can dream up.