Saturday, 4 April 2009

The Morning Mail

It arrived today at 8am, usually Id be asleep at that time on a weekend, but I was awake, hehe. Sort of. The post man still got a bit of a flash of leg though as I answered the door for this package wrapped up in blankets. (the postman was moderately disturbed). You would think he would be used to it by now.
I had to wait though till this evening to open it. Had a very busy day. It was fantastic though when I finally got to opening the package. All shiney cute and new bits and pieces like those pictured. Infact the little red thing is what they call a Wee Devil. The sworn enemy of the Wee Ninjas. (all little felt stuffies) All sent from a private swap between myself and Swap-bot user: OoOlalavee, who has been fuelling my addiction for blind box toys (oh noes!).
OoOla also sent me three sweeties, the kind she likes. I fed two of them to my Mr. After he kindly showed me the mashed up sweeties on his tounge, he agreed they were actually quite nice. So I had the thrid (a purple one) they kinda tasted a bit like Mowam, which was cool. I dont normally like foreign candys, not enough E numbers tee hee. These were really good though.

Inchies Spell Things Out Y'know

One day I will get all the inchies made with single words on them placed carefull middle, bottom or top and I will write a small but interesting book out of them, infact wouldnt that be a very cool idea for a swap to make a 10 by 40 inch page of inchies with single words on them telling a story....oooow yes, I like that idea indeedy.
These were made for the 100 inchie project by Flicker user: All_Things_Nice and I have to say I arent a fan of the style of ATC, but i do like these, i think its the soft but there and looking at you background colourings. Especially on the fairy inchy. Love that image too, but then I also like the little bird twittering away in its nest.

Friday, 3 April 2009

RwRRRArgghhh! *spit* Monster!

My gosh I almost lost a finger I swear, well almost and I mean at this range considering this isnt my stuffie, thats one hell of a first monster. I do love the effects done though in making this chap.
I love the mouth, with the wiggly string for teeth, I am gonna add that to my notes for future Chunky Book Projects because that looks really shiney good. As Well as the patch work eye. Its almost dangling off, but its not its really quite there. Really ossum cool monster here created by Swap-bot user: TerryF who also makes some pretty darn cool stuffies all around, I have to say Im a fan of her circular pink owl, that almost made mention here on this blog, well up untill I saw a tooth monster Rwr! (Monsters always win over owls in my mind).

Thursday, 2 April 2009

I want to be a TREE

A tree themed swap that caught my eye, Well I tell a lie it didnt so much catch my eye as be one of the swaps I had on my watch list for an rainy day project that fell short of any rainy days for me to sign up and play with the idea.
However swap-bot user: RoseHips here appears to have had one, or several from the quality of the objects made for this swap. Im looking at them individually over on her flickr gallery now, here and here and here. Gosh! that is devotion to a subject matter. I really like everything put together here, I knew I should have signed up for the swap too *sulks* Your partners must have been extatic when they recived such lovely items.

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Cupcake Invasion Squad

I dont think I ever shall ask 20 cupcakes to organize themselves for a photo, as this heap of cupcakey goodness shows they need to be as disorganized as they can possibly get and still look marvellous.
I entirely have swap-bot to blame for the new levels of cupcake appreciate I have gained lately and these are by far some of the best Ive seen. I think its the cherry ontop.
I dont think Ive ever seen a knitted cup cake with a cherry ontop quite like these ones (and there are 20 of them! they out number me).
And I entirely blame Swap-bot user: Rengawk for feeding this appreciation of mine for cupcakey themed things. I swear it gets me one step closer to knitting every time I see a finished stuffie like these *shakes her fist*

A Rainbow of Zines

Its odd these pop up today, Ive just spent the past two days working my heart out at a Zine of my own, and gosh! My project is far from finished. These are defiantly something to aspire toward (and more than a finished product...something im bad with, always working and never finishing anything doh).
Seven mini zines. I love the photograph too, a rainbow flower of mini zines with a great title 'How to build yourself up when the world gets you down' I think all us swap botters need one of these right now, after recent drama.
Thank you again Swap-bot user: Flufftail for sharing you very apt. creation, though at least this time not a stuffie, just as great work. I defiantly look forward to having a go at creating mini zines like this if future swaps come along.

Monday, 30 March 2009

Spring Ladys Matchbox

What does your partner like? This is often something that can only be answered by a full and well punctuated profile. (that's my responsible thought for the day done and dusted). Course if you have a lovely profile that's easy to read it does lead partners to create pretty lovely things like this matchbox here
Flicker user: dummond_farm made hers based on the fact her partner liked Victorian themed things, and apparently if you put the drawer inside and stand it up it almost looks like a little lady in a spring gown, with the little pink rose ontop and the white lace. Thats really creative. I like the box so much more than the contents knowing that there is a little story like that to its making.