Saturday, 4 April 2009

Inchies Spell Things Out Y'know

One day I will get all the inchies made with single words on them placed carefull middle, bottom or top and I will write a small but interesting book out of them, infact wouldnt that be a very cool idea for a swap to make a 10 by 40 inch page of inchies with single words on them telling a story....oooow yes, I like that idea indeedy.
These were made for the 100 inchie project by Flicker user: All_Things_Nice and I have to say I arent a fan of the style of ATC, but i do like these, i think its the soft but there and looking at you background colourings. Especially on the fairy inchy. Love that image too, but then I also like the little bird twittering away in its nest.

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