Saturday, 4 April 2009

The Morning Mail

It arrived today at 8am, usually Id be asleep at that time on a weekend, but I was awake, hehe. Sort of. The post man still got a bit of a flash of leg though as I answered the door for this package wrapped up in blankets. (the postman was moderately disturbed). You would think he would be used to it by now.
I had to wait though till this evening to open it. Had a very busy day. It was fantastic though when I finally got to opening the package. All shiney cute and new bits and pieces like those pictured. Infact the little red thing is what they call a Wee Devil. The sworn enemy of the Wee Ninjas. (all little felt stuffies) All sent from a private swap between myself and Swap-bot user: OoOlalavee, who has been fuelling my addiction for blind box toys (oh noes!).
OoOla also sent me three sweeties, the kind she likes. I fed two of them to my Mr. After he kindly showed me the mashed up sweeties on his tounge, he agreed they were actually quite nice. So I had the thrid (a purple one) they kinda tasted a bit like Mowam, which was cool. I dont normally like foreign candys, not enough E numbers tee hee. These were really good though.

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