Tuesday, 31 March 2009

A Rainbow of Zines

Its odd these pop up today, Ive just spent the past two days working my heart out at a Zine of my own, and gosh! My project is far from finished. These are defiantly something to aspire toward (and more than a finished product...something im bad with, always working and never finishing anything doh).
Seven mini zines. I love the photograph too, a rainbow flower of mini zines with a great title 'How to build yourself up when the world gets you down' I think all us swap botters need one of these right now, after recent drama.
Thank you again Swap-bot user: Flufftail for sharing you very apt. creation, though at least this time not a stuffie, just as great work. I defiantly look forward to having a go at creating mini zines like this if future swaps come along.

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