Friday, 3 April 2009

RwRRRArgghhh! *spit* Monster!

My gosh I almost lost a finger I swear, well almost and I mean at this range considering this isnt my stuffie, thats one hell of a first monster. I do love the effects done though in making this chap.
I love the mouth, with the wiggly string for teeth, I am gonna add that to my notes for future Chunky Book Projects because that looks really shiney good. As Well as the patch work eye. Its almost dangling off, but its not its really quite there. Really ossum cool monster here created by Swap-bot user: TerryF who also makes some pretty darn cool stuffies all around, I have to say Im a fan of her circular pink owl, that almost made mention here on this blog, well up untill I saw a tooth monster Rwr! (Monsters always win over owls in my mind).

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