Thursday, 12 March 2009

Matchbox Inchie Kit

We've all seen kits to make things before, they usually are a bit of fluff a few blanks and instructions. Not this one however. It all fits in a matchbox.
What an inventive idea for making a kit, definatly a great way to encourage the making of more inchies, art objects I feel on swap-bot are often over looked for things like ATC's and Chunky pages etc. If someone sent me a kit like this one I would certainly be putting out some inchies regardless. This is a lovely kit, I love the individually wrapped ingredients for the wide selection of coloured inch squares you get and the bright yet simple decoration of the match box. As I say this isn just another make your own kit. This has had some serious thought put into it to make it all fit inside a matchbox (which apparently it does) and to make it look clean, unused and appealing to any swapper. Thank you Swap-bot user: sunnyblueskies for sharing this mini project with us.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Who Lives in a House like this?

Its not me. But I wish it was. Its kinda a little small and stuffing filled for me and entirely made by Swap-bot user: Tooliesteaparty. what I find most endearing about this little house is that it not only has windows (which are cool). But in those tiny windows, it also has a pair of pink curtains. Wow! how ossum are then.
I wouldn't say its too stuffed ontop either Toolie, though it may be a little top heavy I wouldnt be upset by that, I think here in this photo it looks just right. You've done a fantastic job of this little Mushroom house, I still wish I could climb inside and call it my house. Its also pretty different in that the top of the mushroom isnt the standard issue red. Its blue and that makes it stand out in the mushroom crowd. Its like the little people inside have a thatched room not just the samey same old red roof tiles everyone has.

My goodness me her bottom

Yes I am looking at a lovely Dotee doll's bottom here in this photo but I felt it was worthy of mention. You see what we are looking at here is the fimo bead made by Flickr user: Isabellrath, Its the first bead she has ever made using Fimo and its pretty darn cool, the black and yellow in the middle of the daisy's are really well done and the white of the flowers is clean, that I find to be the hardest thing to keep when I made anything out of Fimo myself. White never stays white.

Better yet this lovely bead is attached to the bottom of this lovely German themed Dotee, named Zenzi, she was made for an ethnic doll swap over on Swap-bot. I love the pig tails. I think we need to see more Dotee's with pig tails and maybe mini aprons too, Since I like that part also, its an extra layer, and layers are always good.

So Naughty its Nice

This is a swap Ive been neglecting writing about. Not because it was bad, but because it was SO good. I dont know how I can describe this swap really. In the past week I have had so many very good swaps, its like everyday has been an special birthday and I have been spoiled rotten, this was really for me the cherry on the cake. (the extra double jam layered cake with cream and sprinkles ontop I may add).
So what did I get. I got my Faire in Camelot-Fortune tellers Swap in the post from my partner, Swap-bot user: NaughtyElf. And now your asking what the pendant pictured has to do with fortune telling, it hasnt alot to do with it but the parameters of the swap were for you to send, 1 fortune telling item (Naughty made me a full set of Runes), 1 prop or item you would find in the tent of a fortune reader (Naughty sent me a button faerie) and something to make the tent smell nice (Naughty sent me SO many herbs its crazy, and some incense too). In addition she also sent me the pendant and some really nice tea's. *rolls around her room with joy in happy circles* Yes thats not an over exaggeration, this was a delightful treat. A brilliant swap and fantastic fun for me to package for my partner also when I send my half out later on this week.

Pants and Pure Green

the post came this morning and I was sad, because all that came with it was bills and boring old junk mail, ten minuets after that post arrived however, the post man ran back to my house and delivered to me the largest evelope in the world. (well possibly not, but it was pretty darn big).
Inside I found these. Several individually wrapped green presents. Squeee! This happens to be my Favorit colour swap, I am so happy to have recieved it (my favorit colour was green for this swap).
I was very dubious though when I signed up knowing that lately there have been alot of flakers and this was my first proper main swap in ages and my partner was new to the site. (not that Im a newbie hater, quite the opposite, but some of the new guys Ive helped out lately have burned me for the kindness, bah! bad times).
I am happy though to say that this was not the case with this swap clearly. Swap-bot user: muffinbianco you did really well and I wish you all the best for the site, because if all your swaps are like this one, you'll be a top swapper sure as anyone else. Just look at all these lovely bits and bobs, a faerie, some pants (yep knickers, I like them too and they fit!) and this very strange frog....hmmm. The best parts for me though were definatly the hand make cupcake stuffie and the Faerie dolly. Great stuff.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Thats not real food and now Im hungry Gr.

I had to include this picture today. I havent seen another felt foody thing like it. Ive recently been trying my hand at creating these lovely objects mostly to play with or throw at various Glitter Gal's over on Swap-bot. (yes Im 24 and I still have toys). What makes this one stand out though is the fact it really doesnt look like other hand sewn felty foods, it uses sheets of felt and isnt so much stuffed, the chocolate thatching for example is woven felty strips, a very cool idea! and the icing around the red thing (for now we shall assume this tastey looking object is a cherry). Is also made of strips of felting which is another interesting technique to memorize for making felty food.
I love looking at this stuff because you can think you've seen it all when really you havent, creative people like Flickr user: pekmum are always showing you there are more ways to make the things you love. Its great to have an ever expanding pallette.

Clovers are better than Guiness

St. Patricks day, may be a day to go out buy a pint of guiness and get more than a little merry at the local pub for some, but of course that isnt the way all of us Swap-botters celebrate the occasion. As you can see a lovely have embroidered Clover broach has been made by Swap-bot user: apparentlyjessy for quite an ossum looking St. paddy's day package. Id have loved to have been your partner for that swap. Even though I dont celebrate the occasion. (Guiness tastes like manky black stuff - blergh!).
I do like the broach alot and the clovery sequins that are included with this package. Its a great novelty, lets hope your partner gets them in time before the day so they can wear the shiney broach and the clips.

Treasures of Spring in my Post

My post today woke me about 10 minuets before my alarm, I almost ALMOST! had a lie in. Almost. I gave the man a good glare though anyways, that was pay back for the 7am wake up earlier in the week. He however delivered safely to my door this delightful package.
These were the treasures of spring my partner Swap-bot user: Moominbrooke sent me. I love the little tea light flower, its purple and thats my favorit colour, I just dont want to use it now because its so delicate and fragile looking. Trust me to think like that eh?
The pouch by the way is a dragonfly bag and its full of colourful faerie wishes. How cool is that. Ive still to work out though what I am going to do with the things from this swap, they are so delicate, I dont want to break them.

Monday, 9 March 2009

Felty Matroyska Dolls

These are very sweet. I saw the picture of the little pink dolly and had to come and have a closer look, little nesting dolls. Made for a Matroyska doll swap. Ive never before seen them made from felt but this set is lovely. Look at the mess it took to make them too. Cool! It looks like a heap of hard work went into creating them.
Swap-bot user: JenMeister Put alot of thought into them too and has even given them a story 'Squeebles are born colourless and with no way to express themselves. Their bodies are pure white, and their eyes are black pools , incapable of expression. Their only other feature is their black hair. To compensate for this, they dress in the most colourful clothes they can, they favourite colour being anything fluoro. Also they have no mouth, they express affection by forming nesting groups. Families are usually found in this conformation, similar to Matryoshka dolls! '

That is absolutely adorable. Please go leave happy cheery comments on her flickr for sharing them with us, and a link to the pattern so we can all have a go at making them for ourselves.

A Booklet to Remember

Whats that. I can hear you ask it right away. I mean other than it looking pretty much like a heap of beads. Its not. Its actually one of the best swaps I have ever recieved. Its a Medieval Rennaissance booklet. Given to me by my partner Swap-bot user: Sunshinesuperman. Not only was it this leather covered book but it was also several other pouches of surprizes.
Of course when it arrived at 7am I wasn't so excitable or energetic. I think I even answered the front door dressed like a blanket yeti (the post man was scared). But gosh. I look at this now and I am so very impressed. Mona you should never feel like your artwork isnt that good, this blew me away. Totally rocking my socks off. Each page had alot of thought put into it and I loved the quote at the end.
I also loved the insence too (the Vanilla was gorgeous) but also the little bag of semi precious stones. Im loving it all. but gosh not so early next time Mr. Postman

It has Whiskers, and its Lucky

Woke this morning in a funny old mood. I wanted to make something but I was like um. what do I make. I checked the swaps I was in and this was the one that inspired me this morning.
This would be my first attempt at a Lucky Parcel. Of course I could have pictured what was inside but I didnt want to ruin the swap for my partner Swap-bot user: Ceinwyn the only hint I can give is that it had to be a Kawaii profile themed package and that it seems too that me and Ceinwyn like the same four legs and whiskery critters (Cats!). So thats very cool and I have had quite a good afternoon making the parcel too. Of course in true fashion I want to now sign up for more lucky parcel swaps - eek!

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Button your trousers up with these beautys

So this is what a button swap looks like. Pretty darn cool actually. Ive seen a fair few of them now on Swap-bot and was kind of a bit puzzled, swap with your partner 25 buttons. hmmm well okie's. but the buttons I have are all dress makers buttons, so pretty pain to keep your work trousers together.
I really like this card of buttons though that Swap-bot user: gem recieved and shared with us. Its a pretty neat selection of pretty buttons, the sort I would probably never use because they are unique and Id be afraid I would waste on the wrong thing, or use wrong and make look ugly or well....just keep in a jar to play with from time to time.