Wednesday, 11 March 2009

So Naughty its Nice

This is a swap Ive been neglecting writing about. Not because it was bad, but because it was SO good. I dont know how I can describe this swap really. In the past week I have had so many very good swaps, its like everyday has been an special birthday and I have been spoiled rotten, this was really for me the cherry on the cake. (the extra double jam layered cake with cream and sprinkles ontop I may add).
So what did I get. I got my Faire in Camelot-Fortune tellers Swap in the post from my partner, Swap-bot user: NaughtyElf. And now your asking what the pendant pictured has to do with fortune telling, it hasnt alot to do with it but the parameters of the swap were for you to send, 1 fortune telling item (Naughty made me a full set of Runes), 1 prop or item you would find in the tent of a fortune reader (Naughty sent me a button faerie) and something to make the tent smell nice (Naughty sent me SO many herbs its crazy, and some incense too). In addition she also sent me the pendant and some really nice tea's. *rolls around her room with joy in happy circles* Yes thats not an over exaggeration, this was a delightful treat. A brilliant swap and fantastic fun for me to package for my partner also when I send my half out later on this week.

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