Monday, 9 March 2009

Felty Matroyska Dolls

These are very sweet. I saw the picture of the little pink dolly and had to come and have a closer look, little nesting dolls. Made for a Matroyska doll swap. Ive never before seen them made from felt but this set is lovely. Look at the mess it took to make them too. Cool! It looks like a heap of hard work went into creating them.
Swap-bot user: JenMeister Put alot of thought into them too and has even given them a story 'Squeebles are born colourless and with no way to express themselves. Their bodies are pure white, and their eyes are black pools , incapable of expression. Their only other feature is their black hair. To compensate for this, they dress in the most colourful clothes they can, they favourite colour being anything fluoro. Also they have no mouth, they express affection by forming nesting groups. Families are usually found in this conformation, similar to Matryoshka dolls! '

That is absolutely adorable. Please go leave happy cheery comments on her flickr for sharing them with us, and a link to the pattern so we can all have a go at making them for ourselves.

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