Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Thats not real food and now Im hungry Gr.

I had to include this picture today. I havent seen another felt foody thing like it. Ive recently been trying my hand at creating these lovely objects mostly to play with or throw at various Glitter Gal's over on Swap-bot. (yes Im 24 and I still have toys). What makes this one stand out though is the fact it really doesnt look like other hand sewn felty foods, it uses sheets of felt and isnt so much stuffed, the chocolate thatching for example is woven felty strips, a very cool idea! and the icing around the red thing (for now we shall assume this tastey looking object is a cherry). Is also made of strips of felting which is another interesting technique to memorize for making felty food.
I love looking at this stuff because you can think you've seen it all when really you havent, creative people like Flickr user: pekmum are always showing you there are more ways to make the things you love. Its great to have an ever expanding pallette.

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