Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Clovers are better than Guiness

St. Patricks day, may be a day to go out buy a pint of guiness and get more than a little merry at the local pub for some, but of course that isnt the way all of us Swap-botters celebrate the occasion. As you can see a lovely have embroidered Clover broach has been made by Swap-bot user: apparentlyjessy for quite an ossum looking St. paddy's day package. Id have loved to have been your partner for that swap. Even though I dont celebrate the occasion. (Guiness tastes like manky black stuff - blergh!).
I do like the broach alot and the clovery sequins that are included with this package. Its a great novelty, lets hope your partner gets them in time before the day so they can wear the shiney broach and the clips.

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