Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Who Lives in a House like this?

Its not me. But I wish it was. Its kinda a little small and stuffing filled for me and entirely made by Swap-bot user: Tooliesteaparty. what I find most endearing about this little house is that it not only has windows (which are cool). But in those tiny windows, it also has a pair of pink curtains. Wow! how ossum are then.
I wouldn't say its too stuffed ontop either Toolie, though it may be a little top heavy I wouldnt be upset by that, I think here in this photo it looks just right. You've done a fantastic job of this little Mushroom house, I still wish I could climb inside and call it my house. Its also pretty different in that the top of the mushroom isnt the standard issue red. Its blue and that makes it stand out in the mushroom crowd. Its like the little people inside have a thatched room not just the samey same old red roof tiles everyone has.

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