Wednesday, 11 March 2009

My goodness me her bottom

Yes I am looking at a lovely Dotee doll's bottom here in this photo but I felt it was worthy of mention. You see what we are looking at here is the fimo bead made by Flickr user: Isabellrath, Its the first bead she has ever made using Fimo and its pretty darn cool, the black and yellow in the middle of the daisy's are really well done and the white of the flowers is clean, that I find to be the hardest thing to keep when I made anything out of Fimo myself. White never stays white.

Better yet this lovely bead is attached to the bottom of this lovely German themed Dotee, named Zenzi, she was made for an ethnic doll swap over on Swap-bot. I love the pig tails. I think we need to see more Dotee's with pig tails and maybe mini aprons too, Since I like that part also, its an extra layer, and layers are always good.

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