Thursday, 12 March 2009

Matchbox Inchie Kit

We've all seen kits to make things before, they usually are a bit of fluff a few blanks and instructions. Not this one however. It all fits in a matchbox.
What an inventive idea for making a kit, definatly a great way to encourage the making of more inchies, art objects I feel on swap-bot are often over looked for things like ATC's and Chunky pages etc. If someone sent me a kit like this one I would certainly be putting out some inchies regardless. This is a lovely kit, I love the individually wrapped ingredients for the wide selection of coloured inch squares you get and the bright yet simple decoration of the match box. As I say this isn just another make your own kit. This has had some serious thought put into it to make it all fit inside a matchbox (which apparently it does) and to make it look clean, unused and appealing to any swapper. Thank you Swap-bot user: sunnyblueskies for sharing this mini project with us.

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