Friday, 28 August 2009

Felt Fancies

I remember answering a question a few days ago on the forum about just how big French Fancies were for someone. Then saw this photo. These french fancies were made by Swap-bot user: Lisajhoney who having visited England, now misses them quite a bit.
I have to say I like the pink one best, but then those are my favorit flavour, and especailly since you can get the really really really big ones in that flavour too. Blergh I say to the chocolate ones though blergh!
Moving away from the food critque, I think these are really neatly made French Fancies, and really worthy of showing off. Id never know how to get the icing to behave itself putting it over the top in a nice swirl pattern.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Fabulous Fantastic Cupcakes

The title for this swap 'Fab Cupcake swap' and it is indeed fabulous, just look at all the lovely little nick nacks here Swap-bot user: nadithings has put together. I mean this swap is just one of those packets you couldnt not want to recieve even if cupcakes werent your thing. I mean it has little bits of tap, a cake tin, cake bottomy bits and even cake flavoured stamps.
My goodness me. I love to see swaps like this where the sender really has put all the effort in, I do hope Nadithings gets her share back as this clearly was a swap worth showing off. I especially have to say I love the extra little stamps, but then I do like my tiny stamps at the moment. its all just as good.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Tiny Houses for Tiny Swappers

If the world was tiny and we all lived in match boxes I would love to have this one as my house, what an ossum idea for a swap package this is. With of course tiny tiny swap-bot packages on the soafa. And a tiny travis and swap-bot evelope in the photo frames.
It almost makes me want to start making mini match boxes again, though I doubt I could compete with swap-bot user: Cobaltgypsy who made this. She's made a little treasure thats for sure, I mean it even has tiny little curtains and a plant, truely this would be the tinyest of swap-botters tiny house if we did all like in match boxes. But where the letter box? oh noes!

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Woot about Recycling

I have been comenting alot on the creative wonders swappers have been putting together in that sort of make do and mend style of the 1940's (also known to the common swapper as Recycling). Its no surprize I tottered along another swap this morning and from the Crafty Recyclers group over on swap-bot. They were tasked with creating an owl but not buying anything new for the owl.
Thus these two little fellas were born, made of buttons and an pair of old shirts. Swap-bot user: midsummermuse has really done well, I love the second one and how the seam is cleverly hidden under an dark t-shirt wing. Fantastic stuffies well done.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Pretty Lucky Parcel

Again I have to write about Lucky Parcels, because Ive been checking the new swaps listed roll on Swap-bot and seen another lucky parcel swap I am a little too nervous to join. However without joining I can still marvel at the little bags of goodies people make and take photos of.
This one here being the perfect example of a lovely, yet very simple and vintage styled lucky parcel, and part of an identicle set of three. This is every reason why I am a little nervous of joining in with the parcel swaps. Its just lovely, I mean even if I recieved it, I wouldnt want to touch it. Though those are my hording instincts I swear coming into play. Thank you Flickr gallery owner: AmandaCowell for sharing your photos with us.