Thursday, 2 January 2014

More Match boxes than Fingers to Count

Sometimes its really cool to get to a peek at the treasures that are destined to arrive with other swappers. I thought it would be really nice to start the year off by looking at something like this.
As if on que I found this photo.
It validates the claim that you do not need nessisarily to be the greatest at hand making every individual piece of a swap, but a good eye for colour and great taste in picking out the tiny objects to fit inside your match boxes can be just as invaluable.
I think the part that especially caught my eye with these mini match boxes was the fact that while they are all essentially the same. Keeping each partner equal. They are all ever so slightly different, the tiny bottles too make me squee a little bit inside with the tiny beads they contain - at least I think they are beads. (I suspect there were some very happy swap partners who recieved these match boxes).

These were made by Missstamper and can be found here.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Collage 339: The Crafters Challenge

We all set ourselves challenges from time to time when we're crafting. Which for me genuinely falls into me wanting to make intricate little things with fiddly pockets for my swap partners to explore and have an little adventure finding out all the content.
But there are some swappers out there who go that extra mile beyond even that, in this case perhaps thousand miles- No wait. 339 miles?

Thats right. This crafter has not just made the collage in the picture here that caught my eye. They've made 339 other collages with the intent to try and make 365 collages I suspect before the year ends. While they confess that they wont get all of them done in the next few days, It amazes me that they have made 339! That's an intense amount of work and quite a considerable commitment to keep the standards up for too.
The artist explains whats been used in this collage as:  'one of my ghost monotype prints with gingko leaf stencils, washi tape, magazine photo, laser cut stickers, my Frosted Flake arti-stamp, Sharpie white paint pen'

I can safely say thats alot more effort than I have made in any collage I have ever made. No wonder this frosty coloured picture (with a tiny hint of green sneaking in) caught my eye.
It was made by GinaVisione and can be found on their Flicker gallery here.