Thursday, 2 January 2014

More Match boxes than Fingers to Count

Sometimes its really cool to get to a peek at the treasures that are destined to arrive with other swappers. I thought it would be really nice to start the year off by looking at something like this.
As if on que I found this photo.
It validates the claim that you do not need nessisarily to be the greatest at hand making every individual piece of a swap, but a good eye for colour and great taste in picking out the tiny objects to fit inside your match boxes can be just as invaluable.
I think the part that especially caught my eye with these mini match boxes was the fact that while they are all essentially the same. Keeping each partner equal. They are all ever so slightly different, the tiny bottles too make me squee a little bit inside with the tiny beads they contain - at least I think they are beads. (I suspect there were some very happy swap partners who recieved these match boxes).

These were made by Missstamper and can be found here.

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