Wednesday, 9 September 2009 a tiny box

Just how much can you fit in one match box. this was my first thought on seeing this delightful stash of shines that you'd have to have the skills of houdeeni to piece into a box so tiny as the little blue one Flicker User: DeeLee209 has decorated so beautifally and shared with us.
I do like the small ATC's though that have been made, I confess that mini ATC's have gotten me very curious lately though I have yet to take the plunge into another crafting obsession. I do like the small buttons and extra bits of ephemera, theres alot to look at, lots to touch and play with. This match box is definatly a winner as far as covering all bases, it has literally a bit of everything. Its wonderful.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Out box of the Swapbotter

You know your a swap-botter when....
When your out box looks something like this happy heap of post. Yes these arent recieved items but these are a lovely photo of the post one of the swap-bot users has been sending out. Among these include a craft swap, a RAK and other goodies. I especially love the use of happy pictures on the envies.
Thank you for sharing Flickr user: mesha, Yes? I had a little look around her gallery and this girl does seem to do alot of RAK's which is something I very much respect and admire in a swapper, keep up the good work girly.