Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Out box of the Swapbotter

You know your a swap-botter when....
When your out box looks something like this happy heap of post. Yes these arent recieved items but these are a lovely photo of the post one of the swap-bot users has been sending out. Among these include a craft swap, a RAK and other goodies. I especially love the use of happy pictures on the envies.
Thank you for sharing Flickr user: mesha, Yes? I had a little look around her gallery and this girl does seem to do alot of RAK's which is something I very much respect and admire in a swapper, keep up the good work girly.

1 comment:

  1. How was I blogged about and didn't even know ? Haha thanks a lot, it totally made my day finding this :D
    As a fact, one of the RAK's pictured was to you !
    Seems as you haven't received it yet, I'm worried :(
    Hope it does get to you soon !