Monday, 6 April 2009

Glitter and Sparkles

I dont think this blog talks about ATC's enough, maybe theres not enough people sharing their cards via. the main swap-bot site, but its true. So guess what. Today I want to talk ATC. Rwr!
And I want to talk glitter and sparkles. Because at heart everyone who swaps is a mag pie and the shiney object is the way to their heart. Now take a look at this sparkly card here, Made for a Glitter and Sparkles themed ATC swap by Flickr user: nicht-Fisch-nicht-Maus;'s. I love the photo of the rose here, such a well focused picture of the corner decoration upon this card, a really nice show of colour and style. The card also has some pretty gem stones upon it, but you'll have to take a closer look for yourself to see those. (mmmm shiney objects).

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