Monday, 6 April 2009

Speckled Frogs

Its hard to really appreciate just how small this box pictured actually is, this is an altered Matchbox. With a little frog sat on a happy little lilly pad and butterflys and flowers, all under 2 inches big.
That for me would be enough in a swap. Id be happy with a box decorated like this, Id sit it on my to keep safe shelf.
Of course inside... it gets better, because in the little froggy box with all its lovely painstaking details are all of these. Theres a happy green ladybird and even an whole felt tree.
What a lovely match box, Flickr user: Mad Mummy who made this must have devoted one heck of alot of time to making this look as nice as it does, But not that much as here is another example of a match box she has made in a very similar style. Only we dont get to see what surprizes were inside of that one. Boo!

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