Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Triple Heart-worthy Package

What a colourful tub. I wonder what could be inside.
Well I dont really have to wonder much because Swap-bot user: Gem had to share it with us. Its a sneaky peek at her rainbow themed swap package. Gosh I would love to have a nosey inside that tub at whats being sent, because this swap cost a mighty $42 to post out. I wish I was lieing but here is the evil proof!
I thought they had stealthed shipping costs up a little bit on my end when one package cost me £3 to send when I was certain before christmas a similar lot of things cost about 50p less. Goodness me Gem I do not envy you on that bill of yours though, All kudo's though for still going ahead and posting out. Id have given the post office a snotty look and found another way to post personally. Thats definate commitment to having a happy partner. I really wish you triple hearts for the package.

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