Saturday, 21 March 2009

An Attic of Pink Skulls

When I looked at this swap I thought this was another of those little boxes that contain half sized ATC's you know the match boxes that had begun to spring up in swaps this year (I at least never noticed them before this year anyways...hmmm). But its not. Its a lovingly put together whimsy chest and part of a much larger skulls and pink Attic swap sent by Swap-bot user: Salfra. And its really well put together, it is the sort of package I love to see go out to another, well thought out...maybe a little too pink for my liking but thats beside the point.
Here is a look at the whole thing Swap-bot user: craftaddict02 had to share with us. I love one of the comments on the stickers 'My hubby says he'll leave me if I keep crafting.....I'll sure miss him' Gosh my young Mr. can share that pain. Sometimes I wonder if the house is under seige from my crafting ways tee hee and Im glad to know its not just mine.

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