Thursday, 19 March 2009

Pins and Cushions and Pins

Pin-cushions come in all shapes and sizes and colours on swap-bot it seems from the bizzare eye shaped bottle cap pin cushions we've all had a go at making, then given up on and ended up with the much more simple cupcake bottle cap pin-cushion (or at least I have).
I noticed this swap, and it is no exception to the rule. Pin-cushions are everywhere on swap-bot today (I have a small selection made by my good friends in the Glitter Gal's group.

This very tidy cushion shows off a neat square design with a button middle. Have a closer look. I mean what I say when i say this is tidy. Compared to my attempts at making my own. this is exceptional and the colours all match. Even the pair of pins in the photo match. All put together by Swap-bot user: Dreadnoughtdesigns fantastic piece of work. Well done.

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