Sunday, 22 March 2009

Sometimes Swaps get ontop of you

Sometimes, I mean that quite literally here, after having spotted this lovely photo of an energetic blue owl stuffie made by Flickr user: shakeslikejelly. On what I can assume is her less than amused and slightly tormented looking pet dog named Bob. Gosh look at those eye brows, I can just see those being used against his good lady as a weapon of aquiring more treats.

The owl however is a lovely stuffie. It sort of reminds me of the owl from sinbad, at least I think its from that old movie, it was a little iron owl. I think its the eyes. I love them, they are all big and owly. (and yes thats a technical term). I cannot see why Bob would look so unimpressed by it, because I am, thats for sure.

1 comment:

  1. The movie you're thinking of is "Clash of the Titans" starring the quite yummy Harry Hamlin. The owl in that movie was adorable, but not *nearly* as cute as this stuffed one!