Thursday, 26 March 2009

Inch big Ladybirds

Small and tiny, crawly but not creepy. and I mean the ladybirds not the inchies. But arent these just adorable.
I mean yes I say that about alot of things, but Im looking at these and wanting them in my inchie collection. (the fact that they werent meant for me, and that I havent swapped inchies in the last 2 months means Id have had no hope of aquiring them *sulks*).
I think the one in the bottom right particulalry has my sway, I love the background papers pattern, pretty cool looking. So I envy Swap-bot user: Ninou's partner 100%, but I reckon we should see more Inchies by the swapper, if these are just a drop in the ocean of pretty ossum things that she can make.

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