Saturday, 28 March 2009


Easter is coming. Its been coming for well over a month and happy chicks and bunnys are popping up even more than they were a couple of weeks ago. Its brilliant, because while the weather is showers and patchy clouds, the colours here on the site are bright and green, yellow and pink.

So I had to share this picture I found. Its a little fluffy chick, I have to say I love the fact he has an easter egg in hand and its tiny. I could just see myself recieving this swap only to have my young Mr. steal it away and use it for a soft pillow to sleep on like the house cat that he is.
He has really cool tweedly feet too. Regardless of those he would still use the chick for a snuffly cushion. Thank you Flickr user: Mandalarama for sharing a wonderful stuffie.

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