Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Simply black, white and pink

Look at all the bits of happy here that came out of this Whimsy jar. Wow! though I admit they look sort of like little sweets in the picture to the right, and perhaps a tiny bit edible. I would advise against it, because a closer look with present you with a mixture of black, white and pink beads, stampy bits, scrabble tiles and other lovelies. All sent to Swap-bot user: Ozrob as part of a personalized jar swap with Flickr user: Smoke_and_mirror's.
That must have been an amazing package to recieve. I can remember the last jar I got and it wasnt nearly as stuffed full as this one, it was stuffed to the brim and I have yet to be disapointed by a jar I have recieved. But I have to totally envy Ozrob here. What a fantastic jar to get, I bet that was a day brightener whether Smoke_and_Mirrors thinks so or not. Dont worry about being too creative with the jar on the outside, Sometimes the simplest things can really stand out because they are just that, Simple.

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